RCMP Online Reporting

As of May 20th, 2020 the Merritt RCMP has made it possible to use an online crime reporting tool for certain types of occurrences.

This is meant to provide citizens with the convenience to report certain crimes online while freeing call takers and frontline staff to focus on the higher priority calls, which improves overall safety and response times in the city.

It is important to know that not all crime can be reported via the online process.

Citizens will be able to report the following crimes online:

  • Damage/mischief to property under $5,000
  • Damage/mischief to a vehicle under $5,000
  • Hit and run to an unoccupied vehicle or property
  • Theft of bicycle under $5,000
  • Theft under $5,000
  • Theft from vehicle under $5,000
  • Lost property

Incidents must also satisfy the following conditions to report via the online process:

  • No witnesses or suspects.
  • Item(s) lost or stolen must cost less than $5,000
  • Vandalized property or vehicle will cost less than $5,000 to repair.

There are no items involving personal identity, firearms, licence plates or decals.

For all other reports to the police they must be made via the 911 system, if they are serious in nature and are in progress, or by calling 250-378-4262, if they are of a non-emergency nature.