Solid Waste & Recycling

Garbage Collection Schedule

Your garbage will be picked up the same day every week even when it falls on a holiday with the exception of Christmas and Boxing Day. These residents will be able to put out an extra four bags the following week.

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City Hall

Phone: 250 378 4224

Who is Recycle BC

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling, including the City of Merritt’s residential curbside recycling program.  Recycle BC provides services to 98% of British Columbians and is funded by the producers of packaging and paper.  The City is responsible for collecting uncontaminated recycling from residents and delivering it to the Lower Nicola Eco Depot.

Recycling tips to remember:

  • Recycle as much household recyclable material you can
  • Recyclables can be loose in the bin.
  • Caps and lids are recyclable. Rinse and remove from the containers and include in your household recycling.
  • Plastics must have recycling symbols 1 through 7.

Styrofoam is absolutely not accepted even if it has recycling symbol 6. Glass of any type and plastic bags are also not accepted in curbside recycling.  These items can be recycled at the TNRD Lower Nicola Eco-Depot (Landfill).

For more information visit Recycle BC website at

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TNRD Solid Waste & Recycling


The Residential Garbage Truck operator picks up garbage from every house in the City of Merritt making a minimum of 1700 stops a week. The operator manually picks up approximately 3400 bags or cans of garbage a week. With an average of 20 lbs per bag the operator will lift 68,000 lbs of garbage a week or 3,536,000 lbs a year. The residential garbage truck operates four days a week Tuesday to Friday; the operator on Mondays is utilized within any other Public Works Department depending on other workloads. The Commercial Garbage truck driver is a part time employee that works three days a week.

The Commercial Garbage Truck empties 324 bins a week or 16,848 bins a year which is accomplished in the three days being Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Garbage bin maintenance and customer requests are accomplished by moving a worker from another department when needed.


Can I upgrade to a larger bin?

Yes. We can exchange your 35 gallon bin for a 65 gallon bin. There is an annual fee of $111.50 will be added to your annual garbage fee. Contact City Hall.

Can I continue to use my existing standard garbage cans?
No. The semi-automated lifting arm on the collection truck does not have the ability to collect regular type garbage cans.

What about extra garbage bags?

Only garbage that is inside the container with the lid completely closed will be collected. Extra garbage stickers can be purchased for a cost of $24.20 for 10 tags and placed on extra garbage bags, which can be placed on the ground beside the wheeled cart. Alternatively, garbage can be disposed of at the TNRD Landfill.

What do I do with the cart when I move?

When you are moving (even within the City limits) the cart must stay with the property. Each cart is engraved with an identification number which is recorded with your address so the carts must not move with you to the new address.

Where do I set out my cart for collection?

The garbage carts should be placed on the curbside with the wheels against the gutter, the curb, or at the edge of the roadway by 7:00 a.m. on collection day. Lane customers will need to also place the new carts in the front of their resident. Lane pickup will no longer be available.

What kind of garbage can I put in the cart?

All regular household garbage may be placed inside the carts. Anything that is placed inside the cart must be able to fall freely when dumped.

What happens if the cart is damaged, lost or stolen?

Contact the City. The City will assess the situation and make arrangements for you to receive a replacement or repair the cart. Residents are responsible for routine maintenance, including keeping the carts clean, removing the carts from the street after collection, and storing the carts in a safe place. Any carts that are stolen or damaged through neglect or misuse will be replaced at the property owners’ expense.