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Merritt Fire Rescue

Fire is getting faster!

Synthetic materials, furniture, and construction, are some of the reasons why fire spreads faster than ever before. Closing doors helps stop the spread of fire.

Forty years ago, families had approximately 17-minutes to make their escape from a fire. Today research has proven that 3-minutes is all your family will have to make your escape.

Make a 900° difference. Close Before You Doze.

Research proves a closed door can mean the difference between 1,000 degrees and 100 degrees in the event of a fire. It can also significantly reduce the carbon monoxide levels from 10,000PPM to 1,000PPM.

Firefighter Spotlight

Firefighter Greg Hodson

Hard work and training.

There’s no secret formula.

Beyond Response

Protecting our community goes beyond response. Through public education, fuel mitigation, fire inspections, and investigations, we work to keep Merritt safe.

Fuel Management

Did you know…? The City of Merritt is committed to reducing the wildfire risk on municipal property and in our ‘buffering areas’ in neighbouring jurisdictions, as identified in our Community Wildfire Protection Plan.


Did you know…? Merritt Fire Rescue is required to provide fire inspections to all commercial occupancies within City limits, in accordance with City Bylaw.

Fire Investigation

Did you know…? Fire investigations allow us to research trends, identify emerging risks, update legislation, regulations, and codes, as well as build better public education programs to meet the needs of today’s fire risk.