Opportunities for Local Residents:

Paid-On-Call (POC) Firefighting

Outside of the Fire Station, we serve in the community as managers, teachers, mill workers, mechanics, skilled labourers, parents, and more.

Together we answer the call when our community needs us most.

There are lots of reasons to consider applying to the Merritt Fire Rescue Department, namely:

  • Opportunity to provide meaningful support to your community.
  • Camaraderie and teamwork are synonymous with the MFRD.
  • Hourly compensation for training and response to emergencies.
  • Technical training opportunities.

Learn about our POC Application Process:

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Work Experience Program (WEP) Firefighting

Make Your Application Stand Out!

If you are looking at our page, you are likely experiencing the challenge of applying for career employment; you have learned there are plenty of applicants for a limited number of positions – competition is stiff.

Being a WEP Firefighter is both challenging and rewarding. Our program allows you to explore your interest in the Fire Service while developing your firefighting skills and work habits in preparation to advance toward firefighting as a career.

Program Structure

12-month commitment to the Work Experience Program is required.

Of course, those who attain career employment with a Municipal Fire Department during their Program are relieved from this commitment. The daily duties of a WEP firefighter are balanced between, but not limited to; Suppression of Fires, Rescue Response, Medical Response, Fire Prevention, Public Education, Company Level Fire Inspections, Pre-incident Planning, and Station and Equipment Maintenance. WEP firefighters work a standard daytime shift routine, Monday to Friday, and, duty coverage after hours and on weekends.

For more information on our WEP program:


WEP firefighters live at the fire station.

In 2021 the fire hall expansion project was completed to include (but is not limited to) new single-occupancy bedrooms, kitchen & living space, and shared bathroom facilities.

Bedrooms are based on single occupancy. Full laundry, cooking, washroom, and lounge facilities are provided at no cost. In addition, wireless internet access is provided.

2021 WEP Living Quarters

Opportunities & Reward

WEP firefighters will be remunerated for response to emergencies and attendance to regularly scheduled training. A complimentary pass to the Nicola Valley Aquatic Center and Gym is provided to WEP firefighters to help maintain physical fitness and offer a form of recreation.