Community Water System

City Water System

The City of Merritt’s water system is made up of five wells that extract water from an aquifer located under most of the City of Merritt. The wells range from 30 meters to 150 meters deep and can supply up to a combined 315 L/sec. Currently three reservoirs store just over 5.5 million liters of the city’s water from these pumps. Another 1.5 million liters is in the approximately 70 km of piping ranging from 100mm to 350mm.

Merritt’s aquifer has supplied a safe and consistent supply of potable water for 50+ years. The City of Merritt has taken measures to help protect the aquifer with the use of signs and public education.

In November 2008 to meet permit requirements set out by Interior Health the City of Merritt started to chlorinate its water supply. The chlorination is performed at each pump house at levels regulated by Interior Health.

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Find answers to common water quality questions and other important facts about water conservation here in Merrittt. To find this information and more, click the attached report below.

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Future Water Supply

The City has historically relied mostly on four of its five wells, which are drilled into shallow aquifers (approximately 30-50 meters depth). The City’s Kengard Well draws from a different aquifer, deeper beneath the City of Merritt (approximately 150 meters depth).

The current capacity of this well is 50L/s, but at present, the City is only using 2% of this capacity.  The City will have to install a water treatment facility in this well to be able to maximize its use. The City is applying for a grant in an effort to proceed with this improvement.

It is also worthy of noting that the current pump capacity could be increased to 75L/s.  The pump could also be upgraded in future.  The watermains are also sized to allow increased pumping capacity.

If this well were improved, the City of Merritt would not have to rely as much on the shallow aquifers fed by water sources such as the losing-reach Coldwater River, and thereby reduce our impact on fish habitats.  This new well would reduce the stress on our eco-system, and provide ample clean drinking water for many years to come.