Curbside Recycling Program

The City of Merritt, in conjunction with RecycleBC, provides curbside collection of some, but not all, recyclable materials.  Acceptable materials include Paper products, Cardboard products, Hard Plastic products, and Metal products.  (View Acceptable Materials). While other materials, such as glass, batteries, flexible plastics, and foam, are recyclable, they CANNOT go in the curbside bin. Not all communities are alike in terms of what can be recycled curbside. Machinery is used to manage the recycling process. There is not enough manpower to fix “wish-cycling.” When unaccepted items are placed in the Curbside bins, they cause the whole lot to be contaminated, requiring the entire load to be dealt with as garbage.

Here is a list of some things that CANNOT go in our curbside bins.

  • NO glass
  • NO plastic bags or other flexible plastics
  • NO paper towels or tissues
  • NO foam including meat trays
  • NO books
  • NO batteries, propane tanks, or other hazardous waste, including bleach, motor oil, and paint containers. Nothing with a Danger or Poison symbol.
  • NO lightbulbs
  • NO electronics or appliances.
  • NO pots, pans, hangers, or scrap metal.
  • NO waste. No compost. No unemptied containers.  ALL MATERIAL MUST BE CLEAN.

These unaccepted items must be recycled through other means, like the TNRD’s Lower Nicola Eco Depot at 2348 Woodward Rd, or other recycling depots (below).


  • Paint, Stains, Aerosols & Automotive Batteries (in the original can with label):
    – Merritt Machine Works   |    1120 McFarlane Way   |   250-378-5326
  • Household & Cell Phone Batteries, Fluorescent Light Bulbs & Unused Paint:
    Home Hardware    |    1701 VoghtSt    |    250-378-4215
  • Pharmacy Program: Return your old prescriptions to your local pharmacy for disposal.
    Please do not flush old prescriptions down the toilet or send them to the landfill.
  • General Solid Waste & Recycling Disposal:
    TNRD Lower Nicola Eco-Depot    |    2348 Woodward Road (12km West of Merritt)    |    1-877-377-8673
    Accepted Materials: yard waste, tires, scrap metal, recyclables, used automotive oil, filters and containers, and more. Many items are FREE to recycle.  For other items, like construction waste or household garbage, they accept debit cards, credit cards, or eco-cards ONLY. Eco-cards ($10, $20 & $50) are available at the Municipal Office and Save-On-Foods.

Did you know?

If you take a close look at the bottom of a plastic bottle or jar, you might notice a symbol consisting of a number surrounded by a triangle or three arrows in the shape of a triangle—this is called the resin identification code. Many people think that this symbol means that the package can be recycled. In fact, the code is intended solely to identify resin content. A resin identification code does not mean the package can be recycled.


Place your bins ONE METER APART from any other object. Carts improperly placed may not be emptied. Bring your bins to the curb between 5:00 am & 7:00 am

Small Particles? Keep it in the Bag!

Whether you are recycling shredded paper or putting dust and debris in the garbage, all items must be contained in a bag.  Put shredded paper in a paper bag in the recycle bin.  Put dust and debris in a bag in the garbage can.  Loose items will not be accepted.

Who is Recycle BC

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling including the City of Merritt’s residential curbside recycling program. Recycle BC provides services to 98% of British Columbians, and is funded by the producers of packaging and paper. The City is responsible for collecting uncontaminated recycling from residents and delivering it to the Lower Nicola Eco Depot. Help reduce contamination by only including accepted materials in your recycling bin! Information on accepted items can be found on the Recycle BC website at