Holiday Recycling Guide

‘Tis the season to give!  And that means lots of wrapping paper, bows, and boxes need to be discarded properly.  This guide below shows what can and cannot be recycled.  Generally, all paper and cardboard products can be recycled, unless they contain foil, mylar or plastic.  So any embellished greeting card with foil highlights, or plastic coated packaging, are contaminated with unrecyclable materials and must be discarded in the garbage. Bows, ribbons, and cellophane are also garbage.  However, glossy magazines, most coated chocolate boxes, and milk cartons are acceptable in the recycle bin.

Some items that are recyclable cannot go into the road-side blue boxes. If you have plastic bags, foam packaging, bubble wrap, drink pouches, glass, or other soft plastic packaging, they can be recycled ONLY if you bring them to the TNRD Lower Nicola Eco-Depot (Landfill).

Please note that most Christmas ornaments, artificial trees, and string lights are garbage.

Get to know Merritt’s Roadside Recycle Program

Are you familiar with the City’s Recycling Program?  It is vitally important that every citizen familiarize themselves with what are acceptable recycling materials. Confusion about what are recyclable materials, as well as “wishcycling,” can cause damage to recycling machinery that automatically sorts materials.  In addition, throwing garbage and contaminated items into curbside recycling bins can contaminate the entire load of recyclables, requiring the disposal of the entire lot.

The City of Merritt, in conjunction with RecycleBC, have implemented the following program:


Items like Styrofoam, Glass, and Plastic Bags are not accepted in roadside recycling.  These items can be recycled at the TNRD Lower Nicola Eco-Depot (Landfill).

Who is Recycle BC

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling including the City of Merritt’s residential curbside recycling program. Recycle BC provides services to 98% of British Columbians, and is funded by the producers of packaging and paper. The City is responsible for collecting uncontaminated recycling from residents and delivering it to the Lower Nicola Eco Depot. Help reduce contamination by only including accepted materials in your recycling bin! Information on accepted items can be found on the Recycle BC website at