Symbols of Identity

City Logo

The logo has been updated on November 26, 2019.

The logo design is a modern adaptation of the existing coat of arms, containingĀ a simplified version of the sun, maintaining its shape and colour. The City motto is equal to the Coat of Arms: “Flourish under the sun”

City Colours

Along with the updated logo, 4 colours have been selected to further strengthen the branding of the City of Merritt:

  • Gold: The main colour represents the sun and the valley. The colour is equal to the sun of the logo.
  • Blue: The blue colour represents our beautiful lakes and memorable sky.
    As locals say: “A lake a day, as long as you stay”
  • Green: The green colour represents growth, vibrancy and our commitment to being a sustainable and environment-friendly city.
  • Orange-Red: This colour honours our roots and heritage Merritt’s main industries were/are: mining, forestry and agriculture.

Coat of Arms

The arms were officially granted on February 15, 2005.

Green and gold are the city colours, representing the verdant Nicola Valley and sunlight. The sun is a dominant feature of the valley: a symbol of power, splendour and justice, and a reference to the sun in the arms of British Columbia. Green also represents growth and hope.

The wreath consists of the floral symbols of Canada and British Columbia, maple leaves and dogwood flowers.

The coyote and lynx are local animals. In some native cultures, the coyote is portrayed as the creator of earth and humans. The lynx is traditionally emblematic of keen vision. The compartment represents the Nicola Valley and the nearby mountains.

The motto makes a reference to the sun on the shield.

City Flag

The City flag is two horizontal stripes, equal in width, green on the botton and yellow on top. The canton is charged with the Coat of Arms of the City. The flag was adopted April 10, 1984.