2024 DEADLINE:  JANUARY 15, 2024


Are you part of an organization that delivers a positive contribution to the community? Have a great idea for an event?

Grants-in-Aid are provided to non-profit and community groups on the basis that they provide valuable programs to the community and are unable to raise all their required funding without the City’s assistance.

Grants-in-Aid are intended to encourage innovation that supports or contributes to the community and the goals of Council. This includes one-time start-up funding for initiatives or programs to assist groups who are hosting a special event or organizing the inaugural of what is intended to be a regular event in Merritt.

Grant Types

Financial Aid  |  Grant-in-Aid applications that include a request for financial assistance for programs or events.

In-kind   |  Grant-in-Aid applications that include a request for in-kind use of a City-owned facility.

The deadline for the 2024 Grant Applications is January 15, 2024.

IMPORTANT: All applicants need to review the Grant-in-Aid policy prior to completing the Grant-in-Aid application.
Click here to view “Policy 4-01 Community Grant in Aid“.


Forward your completed Grant-in-Aid application form and supporting documentation, including a report to Council on 2023 grants received, to the City of Merritt City Hall.

In Person: 2185 Voght Street
Mail: PO Box 189, Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8

The Manager from which the Grant is being requested, along with the Financial Services Manager, shall review each request and provide direction to Council as to the resolution endorsed. All applications will be considered by Council in conjunction with the establishment of the current year’s budget.

All grant requests must be approved by Council.

All organizations completing and submitting grant applications shall receive a letter acknowledging the request and advise of the resolution passed.

For more information contact:

Kevin Natkinniemi
Director of Finance
250.378.4224, x900