How to Address Council

Write to Mayor or Council

You can make your views known to Council by writing to:

City Council
City of Merritt
PO Box 189
2185 Voght Street
Merritt, B.C. V1K 1B8
or email Mayor Goetz

Public Input

If you want to talk to Council about something that is already on an upcoming agenda, you are welcome to come to the meeting. Every meeting has a sheet where you can enter your name, and the item number that you want to speak to.

  • Each person can speak up to two minutes on each agenda item
  • You cannot speak to things that are not on the agenda. If you want to put something new on the agenda, please select that button above
  • If you cannot come to the meeting but want to submit your views, please contact Corporate Services

How to Appear as a Delegation

If you want to raise a new issue with Council, or discuss something they don’t currently plan to consider, you can appear as a Delegation.

    • Each Delegate can speak for up to ten minutes.
    • You must be planning to talk about something Council can take action on.
    • Each meeting can have a maximum of three delegations – you may need to wait if the next meeting is full.
    • Delegations will be scheduled by the Corporate Officer.
    • For more information, or to arrange to appear, contact Corporate Services. Please be sure to briefly outline what you want to discuss and when you want to appear.

Ask for Information

If you want help or information, staff are happy to assist you. Please contact the appropriate department.

If you do not know who to talk to

    • Email our info box
    • Call City Hall on 250-378-4224
    • Visit us at City Hall, 2185 Voght St, Merritt

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