How to Address Council

By writing

You can make your views known to Council by writing to:

City Council
City of Merritt
PO Box 189
2185 Voght Street
Merritt, B.C. V1K 1B8

or email Mayor Linda Brown

Mayor Drop-In Sessions

Drop-In Sessions in 2019 with Mayor Brown will be held every Wednesday between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., in the Mayor’s Office at City Hall (second floor), 2185 Voght Street.

Mayor Brown invites interested citizens to stop by and say hello and discuss issues and opportunities for the City, its residents and businesses. If you would like to schedule a particular time to meet with the Mayor at a Drop-In session, please call Corporate Services at City Hall 250-378-8614 or email the Director of Corporate Services.

Public Council Meeting

If you have views on a particular item scheduled for that evening’s Regular Council agenda, you may participate in the Public Input period. The Public Input period provides for ten minutes for the public to present their views on any item on that evening’s agenda before Council makes a decision.

To address Council, simply print your name and the agenda item on the sign up sheet available on the podium immediately prior to the meeting.

During the public input period, the Mayor will call your name and ask you to come forward to present your views. Each speaker will be allowed a maximum of two minutes and the topic must be one that is on that evening’s agenda.

If you wish to address Council regarding another topic, you may apply to appear as a delegation to a Council meeting. This is done by writing in advance to the Director of Corporate Services at the above address or send an email to the Director of Corporate Services.

Please include in your letter or email the reason for your request (i.e. the issue and the resolution you are requesting). The Director of Corporate Services will advise you of which meeting you are scheduled to speak at.

Delegations are limited to five minutes, plus time for questions from Council. If a decision is requested, Council will deliberate and provide the resolution at the following regular meeting.

For more information on how Council meetings are conducted, you may read the Council Procedure Bylaw in the Bylaw section on this website.