Statutory Notice – Proposed Replacement of Council Procedure Bylaw

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Under section 124(3) of the Community Charter, notice is hereby given that the City of Merritt intends to repeal City of Merritt Council Procedures Bylaw  No 2055, 2008 and substitute it with Procedure Bylaw No. 2300, 2021.

This revised bylaw would update the City’s procedural rules and ensure that Council and Committee meetings and Public Hearings are consistently held in accordance with best practice for the conduct of meetings, provision of notice, and public accessibility. In addition, regular Council meeting times would be moved to 6 pm to improve public access.

The proposed bylaw is available for inspection at City Hall from 10 am–midday Monday-Friday, or at any time on merritt.ca in the agenda pack for the meeting of February 9th, 2021. Any member of the public may provide public input on this to any Council meeting prior to adoption.

For More Information Contact:
City of Merritt
Phone: (250) 378-4224
Email:  info@merritt.ca

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