Telecom Pole Maintenance

APRIL 16 – 26, 2024

Single-lane alternating traffic controls will be put in place as crews move from pole to pole on Aerial Strand Installation along the main streets of Nicola Avenue and Voght Street from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm weekdays.

Temporary Road Closure


Pooley Avenue, between Douglas, Neilson, and Houston, will be closed on Tuesday, April 30, 2024, between 11:00am – 5:00pm, for traffic control training.

Active Transportation Path
Work Resumes

MARCH 18 – JUNE 15, 2024

Coldwater Avenue + Voght Street
Work resumes on Coldwater Avenue from Chapman Street to Voght Street and the 1300-1700 blocks of Voght Street.

The WEST MERRITT ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION PATH is a provincially-funded project (2020-2021) to create more pathways for walking and biking, connecting various points within the city.  Work on this project started early September 2022.  Its original planned completion was Fall 2023.  However, as Fortis had intermediate pressure mains in the project area, the project needed to await approvals.  Typically, this approval process is only a few weeks. However, in this particular instance, Fortis did not grant approval for nearly 9 months.  This project is expected to restart imminently, depending on the contractor’s ability to obtain asphalt.

The public is asked to refrain from using the path for their own safety and to refrain from damaging the site. Construction signage and barricades will continue to remain in place while the project is ongoing.

Temporary Parking Stall Change

FEBRUARY 6 – JUNE 30, 2024
2040 Granite Ave  |  Interior Community Services

Four parking stalls adjacent to 2040 Granite Ave will be closed to regular parking to provide accessibility van parking during construction from February 6th, 2024 – June 30th, 2024.

This change in parking will allow accessibility vans to access continued service provision for adults with diverse abilities. Accessibility parking at the rear of the building, where the vans are normally parked, will not be available during construction.

This temporary use and change has been communicated with neighbouring businesses.


Traffic Speed

The posted speed limit on Parker and Juniper Drives is 50 km/h. Traffic speed reports from the RCMP and CPO show the average speed on this collector route at 40 to 45km/h. The City has no plans to change the speed limit for this important collector route. However, when Voght Street construction detours are in place, the speed limit will be posted at 30km/h.

Area residents are asking road users to slow down. The City encourages all citizens to be mindful of residents and children in the area.


Voght Street Upgrade

FALL 2023 to FALL 2024

Starting fall 2023, the City will commence Part One of the phase two upgrade of Voght Street, from Blackwell Avenue to Grimmett Street near the Nicola Valley Hospital entrance.  This full reconstruction project includes new water, sewer, active transportation paths, sidewalks, storm sewer, storm pond, and pavement. (Note that this part of the project does not include intersection improvements; the current geometry will remain). This work will continue until fall 2024.

Traffic will be reduced to single-lane alternating during the workdays for the bulk of the project. The contractor intends to leave the site open for two-way traffic overnight and on weekends. Hours of work are generally 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, with traffic controls in place shortly before and after each work day.

Note that when the ground freezes (at any time from late November to March), road construction work must cease. During these shutdown periods, Voght Street will open to 2-way traffic on a gravel surface with warning and speed reduction signage in place.  Also note that asphalt paving will only occur in the warmer months when asphalt companies are operating and available.

If and when construction requires a detour, traffic will be diverted along the Parker Drive and Juniper Drive collector corridor.  When a detour is in place, temporary speed reduction signs of 30 km/h will be posted.  When no detours are in place, this important collector route will return to its regular posted speed limit of 50 km/h.


The project is on schedule to complete in FALL 2024.  The project is also under budget.

When funding is available, Part Two of the Voght Street upgrade will continue the main alignment work from the hospital entrance to Belshaw Street/River Ranch Road. Part Three of the upgrade will cover the roundabouts at two intersections: Grimmett Street and Walters Street. The entire project includes active transportation pathways, water, sewer, storm drains, as well as paving.

Flood Recovery & Mitigation

Middlesboro Bridge Replacement

PROJECT UPDATE  |  SPRING 2024 Bridge Demolition in Progress In preparation for the replacement Middlesboro Bridge on Voght Street, the remains of this flood-damaged bridge will be removed in spring…
Flood Recovery & Mitigation

Flood Recovery | Update

NOVEMBER 15, 2023 Flood Recovery  |  Update In November 2021, the Coldwater River water levels rose 2.5 times the previously predicted engineering estimates in just a matter of hours due…
Flood Recovery & Mitigation

Dike Replacement

Dike Replacement In November 2021, the Coldwater River water levels rose 2.5 times higher than previously established flood levels in just a matter of hours due to an unprecedented atmospheric…


Greater Flood Impact Area Road Repair

FALL 2022 – SUMMER 2023

The City of Merritt has significant road repair and maintenance activities planned as a result of the November 2021 flood.  The map below shows the Fall 2022 – Summer 2023 project scope of flood-affected areas.

Other than Canford Avenue, most of this roadwork comprised road grading and pot-hole pavement work, as well as shoulder grading and gravel rebuilding.  There were some complete road repair and a small section requiring sidewalk and curb rebuild.

The 2021 flood damage assessment was initiated Spring 2022, after the snow melted. After extensive cataloging and assessment, the project scope was completed in June 2022 and submitted to Disaster Financial Assistance (DFA) for funding approval.  Tenders for the work went out mid-August and the project was awarded mid-September.

Work commenced in fall 2022 on the western portions of the project area (C101, C102, C103) and moves eastward (C104, C105) into Spring 2023.

FLOOD-AFFECTED CANFORD:  (Summer 2022)  The City of Merritt has also finished a complete rebuild of flood ravaged Canford Avenue, east of Main Street, along Voght Park, in summer 2022. The pavement, underground utilities and sewer system needed to be completely reinstalled and realigned.


Current Project Scope


Length (m)

Pine Street 587
Collett Street/Hicks Street 353
Government Avenue 328
Williams Crescent 251
Spruce Avenue  82
Walnut Avenue 382
Fir Avenue 270
Hill Street 276
Main Street 845
Quilchena Avenue 759
Coldwater Avenue 1931
Canford Avenue  651
Voght Park Access 43
Wilson Street 95
Spring Street 299
Hamilton Avenue 124
Cleasby Street 314
Chapman Street 319
River Street 201
Greig Street 121
Voght Street 499
Priest Avenue 1029
Parcel Street 134
Garcia Street 405
Clarke Avenue 222
McMillian Street 104
Charters Street 96
Clapperton Avenue 887
Blair Street 95
May Street 194
Orme Street 227
Houston Street 953
Douglas Street 124
Alleyways 2630

Future Work

  • Middlesborough Bridge:  Cost estimates in progress.  Submission for provincial funding in progress.  Target construction schedule start: 2024
  • Dike Rebuilds: Work on repairing existing dikes in progress.
Public Works is responsible for maintenance of municipal roads (not repair of provincial highways or bridges).  They are also responsible for municipal street signage, utilities, sewer, water, waste collection, and parks, cemetery, and facility maintenance.