Property Taxes


Read First

Property Taxes will be mailed the week of May 25th at the latest.

  • Due Date is still July 2, 2020
  • Penalty on unpaid current year taxes at July 2nd is 0%
  • Penalty on unpaid current year taxes at October 1, 2020 is 5%
  • The standard property tax penalty is 10%, we are reducing the penalty to 5% for 2020
  • Penalty is applied to all outstanding current taxes, including unclaimed Home Owner Grants
  • It is important for all homeowners to claim their Home Owner Grant before the October 1, 2020 penalty date, even if they don’t plan to pay their taxes in full, in order to reduce their penalties

You will need your roll number and access code from your property tax notice.  Don’t forget to claim the Home Owner Grant if you qualify (see information below).  If you’re over the age of 65 don’t forget to include your birthdate to receive the higher grant amount.

If you are interested in Property Assessment, Click here.

Maximize Utility Discount / Reduce Property Tax Penalty

  • Pay your Utilities before the deadline to receive the discount
  • Claim your homeowner grant
  • Make a partial payment or set up online regular payments
  • Investigate the Property Tax Deferment Programs



Sean Strang

CPA, CMA – Deputy Director of Finance & IT

Phone: 250-378-8635

Payment Options

Internet Banking

NOTE: Please allow 3-4 business days for your bank to process your payment.

List of Banks

  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Scotia Bank/Tangerine
  • CIBC/Simplii
  • TD Bank
  • Credit Union

NOTE: Please allow 3-4 business days for your payment to be processed by your bank.

Online banking for Property Taxes

Search for “Merritt” (Taxes) as a payee and use your 11 digit roll number found on your tax notice as the account number (starting with 451) with no spaces or decimals (i.e. 45101999030). Through your bank you can set up reoccurring monthly bill payments or make your final payment.

Monthly Payments

You can setup City of Merritt Property Taxes or Utilities as a reoccurring monthly payment through your online banking. Contact City Hall at 250-378-4224 (email: to check your tax and utility account balances prior to the tax deadline and utility discount deadline.

Drop off Payment at Drop Box

Drop box is located at the right side of City Hall. Remember to write your tax roll number or utility account number on your cheque.

Pay by Mail

Send a payment along with your Home Owner Grant application (if applicable) to:

City of Merritt, Attention: Property Tax
2185 Voght Street, Box 189
Merritt, BC, V1K1B8.

Please write the tax roll number or utility account number on your cheque and ensure that the cheque is payable to the City of Merritt. Post-dated cheques are accepted. Mail lost or delayed by the post office will be assessed with a penalty if late, as the postmark will not be considered as the date of payment. Mail us a post-dated cheque early to avoid penalties. In the event of a postal disruption, please utilize alternative payment methods to ensure that payment is received by the due date.

Pay in Person at City Hall

Methods of payment accepted are cash, debit card, money order or cheque payable to the City of Merritt. City Hall hours are 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Pay at your Financial Institution

Use your original current tax notice to make payment. Reprints of tax notices will not be accepted at financial institutions. The City of Merritt is not responsible for errors made by financial institutions. Please note that banks will not accept the Home Owner Grant application. Not all banks will accept City of Merritt bill payments so please follow up with your financial institution to find out more. Owners are responsible to ensure that payment of their annual property taxes is received at City Hall by the due date to avoid penalty. As some banking institutions hold payments before forwarding them to the City of Merritt or are located in different time zones, avoid the risk of a penalty being applied by paying online a few days before the deadline.

Mortgage Company

If your taxes are paid by a mortgage company the Home Owner Grant (if applicable) must still be completed online or returned to City Hall by the due date. Your bank will retain a portion of your mortgage payment to be allocated to property taxes. The bank will forward to the City of Merritt the outstanding balance of your taxes, taking into consideration your Home Owner Grant if eligible. The City of Merritt is not responsible for errors made by mortgage providers. Please ensure that your mortgage provider is aware if you are claiming the grant each year.

Permissive (Property) Tax Exemptions

As per Section 224 of the Community Charter, Council may exempt certain lands or improvements or both from taxation. Community Charter Section 224.

A permissive tax exemption is a means for Council to support organizations within the community which further Council’s objectives of enhancing the quality of life (environmental, economic, social, cultural) and delivering community services economically. There is no obligation on the part of Council to grant exemptions.

The exemptions will be approved for a four year period (tax years 2021-2024).

Council will consider applications for permissive tax exemptions annually. The opportunity to apply will be advertised in the local newspaper and on the City’s web site. Applications can be picked up at City hall, downloaded from the web site or emailed upon request.

Applications must be submitted to Financial Services, using the prescribed application. 2021 Applications will be due on or before 4:30 PM on August 17, 2020.

Financial Services will review the applications for completeness and will contact applicants for additional information as necessary.

Permissive Tax Exemption Policy

2021-2024 Permissive Tax Exemption Application

We encourage you to fill out the application online, print, sign and mail it in.

Register and View your Property Tax Account Online

You may view details of your Property Tax account including assessments and bill summaries if you are registered.

  1. Click on the “Register / Sign In” below.
  2. Click on “Register” on the upper right of the screen.
  3. Complete the required fields.
  4. Click “Register”. Once registration is complete a new screen will appear.
  5. Click on your Name on the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  6. Under “Need to Add an Account”, select PT-Property Taxes.
  7. Use the last 8 digits after the 451 of your Roll Number (including the decimal, i.e. 451 09999.030 ➔ 09999.030) and the Access Code/PIN from your Property Tax Notice.
  8. Click on “Save Account”.
  9. You account is now saved and you can add additional properties or utility billing accounts under the same profile.
  10. To view your Property Tax account place your cursor over the “Online Services” tab above the City logo and click on “Property Taxes” or access through the “Quick Link” tool at the top of the page.
Register / Log In

Home Owner Grant


  1. The Folio/Roll Number is the last 8 digits (including decimal point) of the Roll number found on the top right corner of your Property Tax Notice (i.e. 451 09999.030 ➔ 09999.030).
  2. Your Access Code/PIN is located on the top right corner of your Property Tax Notice.
    Clicking on “Claim Home Owner Grant” will take you to the “Application for Home Owner Grant” screen.
  3. Complete the required information on the Home Owner Grant screen and click on “Submit Claim”.
  4. You will have an opportunity to “Cancel” and edit your data or click on “Okay” to complete the application.
  5. You can “Print” a copy of the completed application for your records with reference number and date/time stamp.
Claim Your Grant

Property Tax Sale

Tax Sale Process

The following notes are intended to provide a general outline of the tax sale process. For more information about the annual sale of properties, prospective purchasers should consult the Local Government Act, in particular (but not limited to) Sections 403 to 428.

  • The City is required by the Local Government Act to sell at Tax Sale all properties whose taxes have not been paid for 3 years.
  • The Local Government Act gives the Collector authority to sell a property for the Upset Price which equals all outstanding taxes + penalties + interest + 5% tax sale costs + Land Title Office fees.
  • All property sales are “as is” without warrant or guarantee by the City of Merritt.
  • Advertising
    • The Local Government Act requires municipalities to advertise in a local paper not less than 3, or more than 10 days prior to the Tax Sale.
    • The legal description and street address must be published.
    • To avoid your property being listed in this ad in the newspaper, your delinquent taxes must be paid approximately 2 weeks prior to the Tax Sale date.

Tax Sale

  • A public auction will be held at 10 am, on the last Monday in September each year in Council Chambers, City Hall.
  • Bidding is accepted on all properties.
  • Prospective bidders are advised that it is their responsibility to search the title of the property in advance to determine if there are any charges registered against the property.
  • The minimum bid is the amount of the Upset Price.
  • If no bidding takes place within 3 calls by the Collector (auctioneer), the City is declared the purchaser at the Upset Price.

Purchasing Property

  • The successful bidder is required to have their SIN or BN, your corporate seal if required.
  • Payment is to be in the form of cash or certified cheque for at least the upset price amount at the close of the Tax Sale.
  • The balance owing must be received by 12:00 pm on the day of the Tax Sale.
  • If full payment is not received by 12:00 pm on the day of the Tax Sale, the Collector again offers the property for sale.

Notifying Charge Holders

  • The Collector is required by law to search all property titles and within 90 days after Tax Sale notify all registered charge holders shown on each property.


  • The original owner has one year after the property is sold at Tax Sale to pay the taxes and buy back their property. This is called redemption.
  • All registered charge holders have full right to redeem the property.
  • To redeem the property, the charge holder must remit the full upset price, plus interest on the purchase price at a rate set by the Province, within one year of the Tax Sale.
  • If the property has been sold at Tax Sale and the City has been declared the purchaser, 50% of the upset price, plus interest may be paid as an instalment thus extending the redemption period by 11 months and 21 days. This applies only to property having improvements.
  • As soon as the property is redeemed, the Collector will refund to the Tax Sale purchaser the purchase price, plus interest to the date of redemption