The City of Merritt issued an Evacuation Alert on Sunday, August 15, 2021 for our community in response to increasingly aggressive fire activity from the Lytton Creek fire.

The intent of this decision is to give residents as much advance notice as possible and to encourage residents to prepare, in case conditions worsen to the point that an Evacuation Order is required. Below is relevant and helpful information for residents during this Evacuation Alert.

We understand that residents are particularly concerned about evacuation route planning. The City is in regular communication with the BC Wildfire Service, Emergency Management BC, and the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regarding travel routes. The City will provide detailed evacuation route information at the time of an Evacuation Order, as constantly changing fire conditions may necessitate the closing or re-opening of highways, which could impact evacuation routes. We do not intend to provide in advance what the evacuation route(s) will be if an Evacuation Order is made, as that information could become outdated, confusing, and dangerous in the face of changing fire conditions.

If you are considering travel or leaving the community prior to any potential Evacuation Order, we encourage you to plan your route by visiting Drive BC ( for the latest information on travel routes that may be impacted by wildfire. For the most up-to-date information, consider following @DriveBC on Twitter (


  • The City of Merritt is now live on Voyent Alert. We are urging all residents to download Voyent Alert, a communication platform that will immediately notify residents of critical and potentially life-threatening incidents that require evacuation of their current location.
  • These enriched alerts can contain essential safety information, including map directions of optimal evacuation routes.
  • For alerts and orders within Merritt city boundaries, please register on Voyent Alert under The City of Merritt.


  • The City of Merritt can no longer accept evacuees at our ESS
  • Evacuee Route: proceed via Highway 5A South and Highway 3 to Chilliwack
  • 46363 Yale Road, Chilliwack (Chilliwack Senior Secondary) if you require assistance
  • All evacuees must register in person or online:
  • Contact them at 1-800-585-9559


  • The City of Merritt and Merritt Fire Rescue is asking residents to take these necessary steps in the event of an Evacuation Order.
  • Residents have been enquiring as to the reason why watering restrictions are still in place. The City is maintaining watering restrictions to ensure that there is an adequate water supply for the City’s firefighting needs, and it is not due solely to the current drought situation.
  • The cities top priority is managing water resources in the event that a wildfire threatens our community. Please be mindful of your water usage.
  • Residents concerned about risk to their property from wildfire embers are asked to follow FireSmart BC. Maintaining a 5-foot non-combustible area surrounding your home is crucial to increasing your home’s resiliency.


  • The City of Merritt and Merritt Fire Rescue is asking residents to take these necessary steps in the event of an Evacuation Order.
  • Please follow Fire Smart’s Last-Minute Checklist for Protecting Your Home and Property from a potential wildfire.
  • Please visit FireSmart BC for all fire-related information.