Vehicle incident at Nicola Lake

By June 20, 2022No Comments

There has been a vehicle incident at the south end of Nicola Lake on Highway 5A. As a result of this, the dam level will be adjusted to support the response. Responding agencies are on the scene. Any changes in dam level will result in changes to the amount of water coming through Merritt. We typically expect that water level changes at the dam take approximately 8 hours to reach the City.

The City of Merritt is working with the dam operator and other agencies, including RCMP, to ensure that levels can be appropriately managed through the community, to keep residents safe. We will keep residents informed of any changes, and steps that need to be taken.

We recommend residents:

  • Follow the city’s information channels (merritt.ca and social media)
  • Register through VoyentAlert! For emergency updates
  • Avoid the area around Nicola Lake unless you are passing through

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