Sanitary Sewer Main Flushing | May 10, 2021 until Completed

The City of Merritt Utilities Department will begin flushing the sanitary sewer mains on all sewer lines in Sector #2. Flushing is expected to start May 10 and will continue daily until completion. This is a regular preventative maintenance activity that must be conducted to ensure the sewer system is operating efficiently. Every effort will be made to minimize the disruption and inconvenience to the residents of Merritt.

What is Sanitary Sewer Main Flushing?

The City of Merritt Utilities Department use a high-pressure nozzle to flush water down the sewer. The dirt and debris are sucked up through a manhole by a large vacuum truck and disposed of. This flushing process keeps the sewer system operating efficiently and helps prevent future sewer backups by removing built-up debris, such as grease, grit, dirt, and sand.

How will I be affected? 

The work will not affect most homeowners or cause any disruption to service, although there is a possibility that small spills, noise, and odours may occur. Occasionally during cleaning air movement in the sewer can cause water to splash out through toilets, sinks, and drains. This is often a result of inadequate venting within the plumbing system of the home. It is recommended that the following precautions are taken to prevent water damage in your home:

  • Close the lids on all toilet bowls when not in use
  •  Insert drain plugs in all sinks and bathtubs when not in use
  •  If you have a backwater valve installed in your house, ensure that it is free of debris and operating properly
  •  Cover or cap your basement floor drains.
  •  If odours are present in your home, it is advised to flush toilets, run some water through various drains (including floor drains) and open windows

For More Information Contact:
City of Merritt
Phone: (250) 378-4224
Email:  info@merritt.ca

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