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June 25 2019 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


 Ms. Prowal congratulated Council on appointing Mr. Dinwoodie.

She said the item on extending BC Transit to Coldwater reserve does not affect her but would provide a safe way to get back to the reserve.
On item 8.4 cannabis retailers, she asked how many Merritt wanted. She also wanted to see rules on where cannabis could be smoked, and rules on consumption of edibles

GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions
Mr. Miller spoke about Merritt airport, and explained its 2B Classification for General Aviation, and the current status of lots adjacent to the runway. He explained distance requirements for how close a building of any given height could be in relation to the runway. He advised that Merritt airport should be run as a municipal department with a 7-member advisory committee reporting to Council. He believed that Merritt airport was perfectly located for tourism and could be better used than it currently is.
Ms. Malette and Mr. Gill spoke about their vision for non-medical cannabis in Merritt, with Opal Cannabis Co, including education, and ensuring that only people of legal age could access the store. They explained their hope to open in November, and the timeline to that point. 
Ms. Down spoke about Gold Country, who provide information about tourism and economic development in the gold country area. She explained upcoming and active projects, including the visitor guide, and 2020 trail map. Merritt local businesses can advertise for free on the Gold Country website . She informed council of the images available on Flickr, and short videos promoting the region on YouTube. She explained statistics on visitors, and the value the free advertising could provide.
Mr. Charney presented a video about the historic path followed by the Kettle Valley Rail route. He explained that all residents can benefit from the trail, either from direct use, or the economic benefit of increased tourism. He explained that the local First Nations are cautiously supportive, with questions about maintenance, use of the trail by ATVs, etc. He requested Council to show leadership, and for the City to promote the idea, including bringing together Chiefs and the TNRD. 
THAT Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2256, 2019 be adopted
Against (1): Mike Bhangu
THAT City of Merritt Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2263 be read a third time
Against (1): Mike Bhangu
THAT City of Merritt Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 2264 be read a third time
Against (1): Mike Bhangu
THAT Council authorize staff to sign the Expansion Memorandum of Understanding including the proposed expansion of service to Coldwater reserve for the 2021/2022 transit year
THAT Council approves the City of Merritt Statement of Financial Information for the year ended December 31, 2018 as presented and authorizes the Mayor and the Director of Finance & IT to sign the statement on behalf of the City
THAT Council direct staff to gather residents' views regarding the proposed Cannabis Retail Licence at 1999 Voght Street, by requesting written submissions in response to posting public notice at 1999 Voght Street, issuing notices to residents and business owners within one hundred (100') feet of the property, and by publishing notice in two (2) consecutive editions of the Merritt Herald
THAT Council direct staff to prepare, for Council discussion and debate, an amendment to the City of Merritt Zoning Bylaw No. 2187, 2015, removing the maximum cap of four (4) retail cannabis dispensaries in the City
Against (1): Mike Bhangu


Councillor Etchart reported he and Councillor Bhangu had attended the logging bootcamp.

Asked if the City could participate in the logging fair despite not having attended the bootcamp. A City team was discussed.

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