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June 11 2019 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019


GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions
THAT Council approve Development Variance Permit Application No. DVP2019-02 (1801 Coldwater Avenue), to increase maximum parcel coverage from fifty (50%) per cent to seventy-two (72%) per cent, reduce the usable open space requirement from seven hundred seventy (770m2) square metres to six hundred eighty-seven (687m2) square metres and reduce the required loading space requirements from one (1) loading space and one (1) passenger loading space two (2) spaces total to one (1) loading space.
Against (1): Councillor Bhangu
That Council approve Development Variance Permit No. DVP 2019-03 (1999 Voght St), to increase the maximum parcel coverage from ninety-five (95%) per cent to one hundred (100%) per cent.
Against (1): Councillor Etchart
THAT City of Merritt Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2265, 2019 be read a first time.
THAT City of Merritt Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2265, 2019 be read a second time
THAT Council direct staff to give notice of a public hearing for Zoning Amendment Bylaw 2265, 2019 (Density Provisions).
THAT Council direct staff to gather residents' views regarding the proposed Cannabis Retail Licence at 3320 River Ranch Road, by requesting written submissions in response to posting public notice at 3320 River Ranch Road, issuing notices to residents within one hundred (100) feet of the property, and by publishing notices in two (2) consecutive editions of the Merritt Herald
THAT Council direct staff to prepare a letter of support for the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 96 New Horizons Grant Program Application
THAT Council of the City of Merritt authorize three hundred thousand ($300,000) dollars to be borrowed, under section 175 of the Community Charter, from the Municipal Finance Authority, for the purpose of purchasing a 2019 Peterbilt 520, with a Labrie Front Loader attached;
AND THAT the loan be repaid within five (5) years, with no rights of renewal
THAT the Terms of Reference for the BC PNP Committee be amended to add Ms. Mae Ketter from Community Futures Nicola Valley to the BC PNP Committee in a non-voting advisory capacity 


Mayor Brown reported June 29th, 2019 would be the 100th anniversary of Merritt airport. She invited Mr. George to give an update on the planned celebrations, from 10am-2pm.
Mr. George said the event would take place in two weeks, posters were up, and that a committee of pilots and community members were moving it forwards. The intention is that Council will attend to run the BBQ.
Mayor Brown said an opportunity had arisen for two World War Two veteran aircraft from Oliver to visit and had requested five hundred ($500) dollars to subsidize the gas for the vintage aircraft. Mayor Brown moved this.

THAT the City of Merritt would provide up to five hundred ($500) dollars of fuel for two (2) heritage Nanchang aircraft to visit from Oliver BC

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