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January 22 2019 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


Ginny Prowal spoke regarding item 5.2 on the agenda, saying that she supports any and all tourist activities, but the issue for out of towners is knowing where to park.  She suggested putting up more parking signs and identifying their locations on the City map.  She added that she still hears complaints about Exit 286 and reminded citizens that the City had nothing to do with that decision.  She also stated that people are still scared to go through the breezeway to the museum because of others loitering in the area.
Deborah Merrick, a Reid Court resident, spoke in opposition of the development at 4010 Walters St., stating that she was worried about the effects of reducing parking for the development.
GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions
Ms. Andrea Graham and Ms. Liz Thomson provided a history of what Bass Coast is and how it has evolved since the first festival 11 years ago.  They discussed the fusion of art and music with yoga, camping, and a strong sense of community.  They described how they have become known for their attention to detail, including the provision of emergency services.  Their team is dedicated to respecting and protecting the health of the Coldwater River.  Decibel levels will be monitored hourly to minimize the impact on the community.
Ms. A. Graham and Ms. L. Thomson invited Council to participate in the July 11th 2019 walkthrough and requested a letter of support to include in their annual plan.
Ms. D. Kulchiski addressed Council over the phone, and expressed her gratitude that she was permitted to present despite not being able to make the trip over the Coquihalla due to road conditions.
Ms. Kulchiski presented the City of Merritt Tourism Asset Inventory Report, discussing the plans and process for creating the report, the purpose of the project, and a summary of findings and recommendations.
Council asked that a meeting be set up to discuss this plan in greater detail.

Mr. J. Canuel and Ms. K. Bonneteau spoke regarding the formation of the Nicola Valley Forestry Recognition Society (NVFRS), which will be spearheading the planning and preparation for National Forest Week 2019.  Jerry described the purposes of the society, its focuses for 2019, and its plans to make National Forest Week celebrations bigger, more informative and more engaging then ever.

Mr. J. Canuel and Ms. K. Bonneteau discussed the need to involve the entire community and proposed plans for partnership with the City to ensure that the event is a success.


Mr. C. Henderson, Public Works Superintendent  provided a review of the City’s snow removal program, including priorities, deployment strategies, staffing, techniques, a review of procedure, and an overview of changes made for the 2018-2019 season, including new practices and equipment. 
THAT Council support the Emergency Operations Center Community Emergency Preparedness grant fund application and indicate support and willingness to provide overall grant management;
AND THAT Council directs Administration to make provisions in the appropriate areas of the City’s annual financial budget to address the needs of the proposal on an annual basis
Voting Opposed:  Councillor Bhangu 
THAT the Bass Coast delegation request, for Council to provide Bass Coast with a letter of support, be added to the agenda as item 8.3
THAT Council provide Bass Coast with a letter of support
That the City of Merritt provide two hundred and fifty ($250) dollars to sponsor the Gold Country Geocaching Event in the Merritt area



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