Election 2022


Declaration of Result

At midday on Tuesday October 18th, all candidates and their scrutineers were invited to attend the determination of Official Results.

At the determination, Chief Election Officer Greg Lowis and Deputy Election Officer Janna Bradshaw canvassed the ballot accounts created during the count that followed the election.

The ballot accounts were created under the watch of candidates and scrutineers, all of whom were invited to observe every piece of paper between being removed from a sealed box, until the vote cast had been determined.

The ballot counts were counted, and a random selection of ballot counts were audited to ensure they had been properly entered into the tabulating spreadsheet. A tabulation error that had removed one column (one ballot account) had already been corrected, and the count of ballot counts determined the correct number of columns were present.

Following this determination, the following declaration was made:


I, Greg Lowis, Chief Election Officer of the City of Merritt, declare that in the election for Mayor of Merritt, the number of votes cast for each candidate were as follows:

Name Votes
Michael Goetz 859
Tony Luck 700
Linda Brown 565
Mike Bhangu 267

Accordingly, I declare Michael Goetz elected Mayor of Merritt for the term of 2022 – 2026.


I declare that in the election for Council of Merritt, the number of votes cast for each candidate were as follows:

Name Votes
Adam Etchart 1712
Manuel Olguin 1195
Paul Petroczi 1191
Dana Egan 1153
Wendy Charney 980
Claire Newman 956
Melvina White 867
Susan Roline 742
Deanna Palmgren 597
Yvette Baxter 567
Brian Peterson 563
Norma Jean Littleton 231
Darrel Brooks 223
MJ Phillips 189
Jay Barley 171
Derry Wooden 147
Mary Fleury 145
Michael Behrens 101

Accordingly, I declare Adam Etchart, Manuel Olguin, Paul Petroczi, Dana Egan, Wendy Charney, and Claire Newman elected Councillors of Merritt for the term of 2022 – 2026.


I declare that in the election for Trustees of School Board 58 for the Electoral Area of the City of Merritt (Area 1), the number of votes cast for each candidate were as follows:

Name Votes
Gordon Swan 1473
Justin Jepsen 1447
John Chenoweth 1273
Robert Leech 689

Accordingly, I declare Gordon Swan, Justin Jepsen, and John Chenoweth elected as Trustees for School Board 58 for the electoral area of the City of Merritt (Area 1) for the term of 2022 – 2026.


Declaration of Election by Voting

The Election has been formally declared as of 4pm on Tuesday September 20th, 2022 (delayed by 1 day due to the closure of offices on Monday September 19th, 2022 for the funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II).

Number of Candidates

  • Mayor (1 vacancy): Four candidates
  • Council (6 vacancies): Eighteen candidates
  • School Board Trustee (3 vacancies): Four candidates

Voting Day | Time | Location

  • General Election Voting Day: October 15th, 2022.
  • Advance Voting: October 5th and October 12th
    * This is set by the City’s Election Bylaw as taking place on the 10th and 3rd days prior to General Voting.
  • Location: Civic Centre (1950 Mamette Avenue, Merritt),
  • Hours: 8:00am to 8:00pm on all three days specified.

Ballot Order

The order of candidates on the ballot is determined by lottery, in accordance with section 117 of the Local Government Act (www.merritt.ca/LGA). The lottery was at 9am on Wednesday September 22nd, 2022. All candidates were invited to attend, or to send their agent. Only candidates, their agent, and City staff may attend. The lottery was streamed online.

Mayor Name
Brown, Linda
Luck, Tony
Goetz, Michael
Bhangu, Mike
Councillor Name
Egan, Dana
Roline, Susan
Wooden, Derry
Petroczi, Paul
Phillips, MJ
Littleton, Norma Jean
Behrens, Michael
Palmgren, Deanna
Charney, Wendy
Barley, Jay
Peterson, Brian
Baxter, Yvette
Etchart, Adam
Olguin, Manuel
White, Melvina
Brooks, Darrel
Newman, Claire
Fleury, Mary
School Board Trustee Name
Leech, Robert
Chenoweth, John
Jepsen, Justin
Swan, Gordon


Declaration of Nominations

I, Greg Lowis, Chief Election Officer of the City of Merritt, declare that the nominations listed below have been received for the offices of Mayor and Council of the City of Merritt, and to be Trustee of School Board 58.

The nominations are public documents, and must be available for public inspection in our offices and on our website listed below during regular office hours until 30 days after the declaration of results. Due to this time period elapsing, Nomination papers have now been removed.


Office Ballot Name Legal name (if different) Date received
Mayor Tony Luck Anthony John Luck 2nd September, 2022
Mike Bhangu Manmohan Singh Bhangu 6th September, 2022
Michael George Goetz 6th September, 2022
Linda Anne Brown 6th September, 2022
Councillor Deanna Jean Palmgren 31st August, 2022
Paul Petroczi Pa’l Petroczi 1st September, 2022
Melvina Lynn White 2nd September, 2022
Brian Westley Peterson 2nd September, 2022
Adam Agustin Etchart 2nd September, 2022
Norma Jean Littleton 6th September, 2022
Manuel Olguin Manuel Olguin Resendiz 8th September, 2022
Jay Barley Victor Jay Barley 8th September, 2022
Yvette Mae Baxter 8th September, 2022
Darrel Brooks Darrel Alfred Brooks 9th September, 2022
MJ Phillips Michael Johnathan Phillips 9th September, 2022
Susan Marie Roline 9th September, 2022
Wendy Margaret Charney 9th September, 2022
Claire Lisa Newman 9th September, 2022
Dana Joanne Egan 9th September, 2022
Derry Allan Wooden 9th September, 2022
Michael Behrens Jon Michael William Behrens 9th September, 2022
Mary Phyllis Fleury 9th September, 2022
School Board Trustee Gordon Bruce Swan 30th August, 2022
Robert Raymond Leech 2nd September, 2022
Justin Trevor Jepsen 6th September, 2022
John Alexander Chenoweth 8th September, 2022

PAST EVENT: Learn what it means to serve in Public Office

“So you want to be on Council?” The City of Merritt held a public information session on Tuesday August 30th, 6pm in Council Chambers, City Hall. Members of the public were welcomed to talk to elected members and staff about the workload, requirements, nomination process, and what it’s like to run for and serve on City Council.  Attendance was not required to run for office.

Learn more.  Watch the recording of this event, which was streamed live online.


We cannot accept nominations after 4pm on September 9th, 2022 (Local Government Act section 84(1)). That time has now passed.

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