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Cross Connection Control

What is a Cross Connection?

A cross connection is any actual or potential physical connection whereby the Merritt Community Water System is connected, directly or indirectly, with any non-potable or unapproved private water supply system, sewer, drain, conduit, well, pool, storage reservoir, plumbing fixture, or any other device which contains, or may contain contaminated water, liquid, gases, sewage, or other waste, or unknown or unsafe quality which may be capable of imparting contamination to the public water supply as a result of backflow.                                                               

The goal of a Cross Connection Control Program is to assure customers that the last user on our potable water system has water just as safe as the first user and that nothing harmful has entered the system in between. Protecting the potable water system from cross connections is accomplished by using backflow preventers.                                   

The City of Merritt has developed a Cross Connection Control Program in compliance with the Interior Health Authority’s – Permit to operate a water system (Drinking Water Protection Act, Part2, Section 8). The purpose of this program is to protect the public health by ensuring that the safe clean water provided by the City of Merritt is not contaminated due to backflow after it is introduced into the water distribution system. A Cross Connection Control Program addresses the backflow threat as a result of cross connections by establishing operating polices and procedures as well as backflow preventer; selection, installation, testing and maintenance practices and procedures. The program tracks all installed testable backflow preventers connected to a water service provided by the City of Merritt Water Utility to ensure that they remain in proper working order. The program also maintains a list of certified backflow preventer testers to help ensure qualified persons are testing the backflow preventers.

Source To Tap Protection - Working Together For Safe Potable Water

Types of Backflow Preventers:

  • Air gap - AG
  • Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker - AVB
  • Hose Bibb (Hose Connection) Vacuum Breaker – HCVB
  • Hose Connection dual check - HCDVB
  • Pressure Vacuum Breaker - PVB
  • Double Check Valve Assembly - DCVA
  • Reduced Pressure Backflow Assembly - RPBA
  • Dual Check Valve – DuC
  • Dual Check Valve for Fire Systems – DuCF
  • Dual Check Valve with Atmospheric Port – DCAP
  • Dual Check Valve with Atmospheric Port for carbonators – DCAPC

Backflow assemblies:

Fire sprinkler system with a Double Check Valve Assembly

All testable backflow prevention assembles must be tested when first installed and then annually there after by a certified tester, registered with the British Columbia Water and Waste Water Association, to ensure that the device is functioning properly. The City of Merritt will provide test forms, when filled out submit to the Cross Connection Control Coordinator. A test tag must be attached to all testable backflow assembles. Test tags available at City Hall.

Follow this link for a test form - BFP Test Form


Dick Curnow

Cross Connection Controller
Main: (250) 378-4224 ext 507
Direct: (250) 378-8624