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Online Payment Options

1. Online Banking

Online payment through your bank or credit union is available for both the City of Merritt Utilities and Property Taxes.
Search for “Merritt” in your online banking system to locate the correct City of Merritt payee.

2. Pay by credit card/debit card 


Credit card payments are not accepted at the City Hall front counter, only online using PayTM.

Available for Online Payments + Fees

City of Merritt - Tax payments

PayTM Online & Mobile App
· Credit Card - 2.50%
· Debit Card - 1.25%

City of Merritt - Utilities

PayTM Online & Mobile App
· Credit Card - 2.00%
· Debit Card - 1.25%

Mobile App
· American Express - 3.00%

City of Merritt - Accounts Receivable
City of Merritt - Business Licence
City of Merritt - Municipal Tickets

PAyTM Online
· Credit Card - 2.25%
· Debit Card - 1.25%

PayTM Canada is the service provider the City has teamed up with for online credit card payments. PayTM charges a convenience fee to process online credit and debit card payments.

Is PayTM safe?
According to the PayTM website: "Fraud and security are a HUGE deal for us at Paytm Canada. Your security is our #1 priority, which is why we take important measures to keep your data safe. Rest assured when you pay your bills using the Paytm app all your transactions are protected. We are trusted by thousands of Canadians. At Paytm, we don’t store any of your credit or debit card information on our platform. In order to provide you with the highest level of security we use the same encryption technology that most Canadian banks use, which means that your personal card information cannot be accessed."

How to Pay with PayTM Online - PAY NOW

  1. Select which bill you would like to pay (i.e. Utility Bill, Business Licence, etc.).
  2. Enter the appropriate account ID
  3. Utility Billing – your 11 digit account number starting with 000
    Property Tax – your 11 digit roll number starting with 451
    Accounts Receivable – your account number as found on top right of your statement or invoice
    Business Licence – your account code as found on your invoice
    Municipal Ticket – your ticket number
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay along with your name, email and phone number
  5. Enter your payment details (i.e. Card Number, Name on Card, etc.)
  6. The system will calculate the convenience fee based on your card information (i.e. Credit or Debit Card)
  7. The total due, including the convenience fee, will appear.
  8. Click on Pay or simply close the screen or click on the back arrow if you want to cancel the transaction.
  9. Confirmation of payment will appear.
  10. A confirmation email is also sent to your email address as provided in Step 3.

PayTM Mobile Option (phone or tablet) - Download Application

Utility Bills and Property Taxes may also be paid by credit card or debit card using the Pay TM Canada Mobile platform.

In addition to the lower convenience fees for credit card payments, with PayTM Mobile you can earn points to be redeemed at popular retailers.

Processing Time (all online payment options)

As with all online payment methods, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure their payment is received on time by the City of Merritt. When using PayTM, please allow up to five business days for payments to be processed. This is important when it comes to earning your utility discount or avoiding penalties and interest charges on other balances owing.