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Have a great idea for an event? Are you part of an organization that delivers a positive contribution to the community?

Each year in January, Council carefully considers providing funding assistance to non-profit groups that operate in the City of Merritt and provide valuable social and community services in the municipality.

The City of Merritt has two grant funding categories, Grant-in-Aid and Community Initiatives.  There are three types of grants available to non-profit community organizations, Financial Aid, In-kind and Sponsorship. 

Grant Categories

1.     Grant-in-Aid

These grants will be available to a non-profit community group of the basis that they provide a valuable program to the community and are unable to raise all of their required funding without City Assistance.

2.     Community Initiatives

The purpose of funding under this category is to encourage innovation that has the potential to support or contribute towards the community and the goals of Council.  This includes one-time start up for initiatives or programs which will support or contribute to the community. As well, the initiative funding is to assist groups who are hosting a special event or organizing the inaugural of what is intended to be a regular event in Merritt.
Grant Types
  1. Financial Aid- request for funding to assist with events or organizational initiatives.
  2. In-kind - request  for City provided services (i.e. facility rentals).  Include Appendix A with application.  Click here for Appendix A.
  3. Sponsorship - requests for City financial sponsorship.  Include package outlining all benefits of sponsorship.

The deadline for the 2019 Grant Applications was Friday, December 14, 2018.  Grant applications submitted after the grant deadline are classified as Extraordinary Grants.

Extraordinary Grants

Any grant funds remaining after Council has reviewed and approved requests received by the December 14, 2018 deadline may be reserved by Council for Extraordinary Grant requests.  Organizations may submit applications during the year for unplanned events or support using the Extraordinary Grant application Form.  Once the Extraordinary Grant account has been depleted, no further grant requests will be considered.  

Click here for the 2019 Extraordinary Grant Application.


Forward your completed grant application form and supporting documentation to the City of Merritt City Hall in person at 2185 Voght Street or by mail to PO Box 189, Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8.

The Manager from which the Grant is being requested, along with the Financial Services Manager, shall review each request and provide direction to Council as to the resolution endorsed.  All applications will be considered by Council in conjunction with the establishment of the current year's budget.

All grant requests must be approved by Council.

All organizations completing and submitting grant applications shall receive a letter acknowledging the request and advising of the resolution passed.


Grants are provided to non-profit community groups on the basis that they provide a valuable program to the community and are unable to raise all of their required funding without City assistance.  All approvals shall be considered on a year-to-year basis and continuing support should not be anticipated.


The grant application should be completed in full and all community organizations are encouraged to submit the form.  In addition, the following information is mandatory:

  • Annual Financial Statements that are certified (signed) by a Director (or alternate) of the organization.  If the Annual Financial Statements are for a period that ended more than six months before the application deadline, then current interim financial statements are to be included in addition to the Annual Financial Statements.
  • The current Annual Operating Budget for the organization.
  • A business plan showing how the organization intends to become more self-sufficient and less reliant on City Grants in the future.
  • A detailed budget for the event/program showing funding streams.
  • In-kind applications must include a completed "Appendix A" which is a detail list of in-kind items available to grant recipients.
  • Sponsorships must include a report detailing sponsorship benefits and options.
  • Applications must include public acknowledgement of the City of Merritt for their contribution towards the event or organization.  Example:  city banner, press release or clear display of the City's logo.
Contact Information

For more information contact:

Wayne Anderson, CPA, CMA
Financial Services Manager