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Wastewater Collection

The City of Merritt’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Objective;

To collect, treat and dispose in an environmentally sound manner and in accordance with current local, provincial and federal regulations.

The City of Merritt’s Wastewater Treatment Plant treats on average 1,100,000 cubic meters (241,000,000 IG) of wastewater a year.  Our Wastewater Treatment Plant uses a technically advanced process called activated sludge.  An activated sludge plant creates a special environment for the growth of microorganisms with the introduction of food (Wastewater organics) and oxygen in engineered sized basins. These basins allow the organism’s time to feed on the organics that in turn lowers the amount of organics that needs to be removed to meet our Ministry of Environment (M.O.E) permit. None of our final effluent (Cleaned Wastewater) or final product we produce normally enters the Nicola or Coldwater Rivers. Only in emergency situations governed by the M.O.E will we discharge to the Coldwater River. This has only happened once for a day in the past ten years. Our final effluent is put into rapid infiltration basins and peculates into the ground thus having no or very little impact on the rivers or surrounding areas.

See the 2012 Annual Wastewater Treatment Plant Report »

RI Basin The City of Merritt’s Wastewater Treatment Plant is one of very few plants in B.C that do not discharge into receiving waters.

If at any time a part of the wastewater system fails the plant is monitored with a SCADA (System Control and Data Acquisition). This system will alert a qualified on-call operator 24/7 and verbally tell the operator what and where the problem is before the operator even leaves their home if the call is beyond working hours. This enables the operator to remedy the problem quickly, efficiently and safely.

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