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Speed Watch

Speed Watch is an educational program aimed at reducing incidents of speeding. It is designed to raise public awareness of the actual speeds drivers are traveling. The Speed Watch program is conducted in partnership with the police, citizen volunteers and ICBC.
Speed Watch checks are conducted by volunteers trained by police or qualified operators. Using portable radar equipment and an electronic digital board, volunteers monitor speeds in neighbourhoods, school and playground zones, particularly near identified high risk or crash locations. Drivers get an instant readout of their vehicle travel speed, displayed on a reader board as they pass by. Speed Watch Activity reports are provided monthly to ICBC where a province-wide database is maintained. In addition volunteers may also monitor for seatbelt infractions and distracted driving.
Volunteers will record speed and other infractions on an Operations Report form, for the collection and tracking of statistics in the areas monitored. Groups, such as police agencies, municipalities, school districts, ICBC and the local media use the information from this form.
Speed Watch helps address traffic and speeding problems through:
• Public and community awareness
• Neighbourhood action by gathering speed-related date and creating police awareness.