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Trucks and Traffic Issues

The Street & Traffic Bylaw deals with a variety of issues from parking to truck routes.  Traffic issues are also governed by the Motor Vehicle Act - things like parking the wrong way being illegal, as is parking against a yellow curb - and are enforced by Bylaw and the RCMP.  Note the RCMP's fines are considerably higher!


over 16000 kg gross vehicle weight must travel on the City's designated truck route.
Download Truck Route Map

Trucks may divert off the truck route when they are making a delivery, but they are to use access points closest to the truck route and to have a delivery slip or waybill showing the address they are traveling to.  Local contractors with multiple deliveries over 75 cu meters of goods for a single address may apply to Bylaw Enforcement for a preferred route off the truck route.

Trucks over 16000 kg gvw are not allowed to park in P zones (i.e. near churches or schools).  They are allowed to park in residential areas only with a permit.  Details of the permitting system are contained in the Street & Traffic Bylaw.  Basically you are to apply for a permit to City Hall and then apply to renew the permit annually.  There is no charge for the permit. Truck Parking Application  The permit requires that you obtain the consent of your neighbours and the permit may be revoked if there are complaints.  Only one permit will be issued per address and the permits are not transferrable.  Permits must be prominently displayed in the truck to avoid being fined.  Fines are $150 per offence.


are permitted to park in residential streets only for a two hour limit.  In some areas of the City, the boulevard area is suitable for RV parking, but this is on a Permit Only basis.  The Bylaw Enforcement Officer will inspect the proposed parking area for such things as traffic visibility impediments before giving approval.  The RV Parking on Boulevard application also requires the consent of neighbours both on either side and facing across the street.

Skateboards, bicycles,

inline skates and rollerskates/blades, foot-propelled scooters and similar devices are not allowed on sidewalks in the downtown area.  Riders risk confiscation and impoundment of their wheels as well as a fine.


we love parades!  But before you have one, please be sure to apply for a permit from the Director of Engineering & Development.  Parade Application Form must include a map of the proposed parade route and must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to event so that all the appropriate authorities can be notified.