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Noise Abatement

The City of Merritt Noise Abatement Bylaw is meant to ensure the peaceable enjoyment of our community.   That means no construction noise (including lawnmowers and chainsaws) before 7 am or after 10 pm  Contractors wishing to take advantage of early morning and late afternoon coolness can apply to the Public Works Manager for a temporary extension of construction hours.  In this process the affected neighbours are notified so that they know how long the "nuisance" will continue on for.

Properties in industrials zones M1 and M2 are exempt from the current bylaw (under review).  These companies do want to be good corporate citizens, however, and so if the plant or mill next to you seems to producing excessive noise, please give them a call directly to see what can be done.  Sometimes it is a temporary machine malfunction already scheduled for repair.

The Noise Abatement Bylaw asks that you keep your radio and stereo down to a reasonable level, and to keep your animals quiet and under control.  What do you do if your neighbour isn't complying?  Try talking to them first.  Most issues are best resolved face to face.  After working hours noise problems can be reported to the RCMP.  And if the problem is consistent and persistent, let Bylaw Enforcement know; before you call keep a log of the date/times when the noise was excessive, type of noise, conditions (windows open?closed?)  These logs are vital for Bylaw to prosecute the matter.

Fines for Noise Violations are $100 per offence.

Noise Abatement Bylaw

Busking and Street Entertainers require permits - Busking Application