Water Levels In Merritt

Due to recent rainfall, and melting snow, river levels across British Columbia are rising. The Coldwater and Nicola Rivers have been placed on a High Stream Flow Advisory as of June 2nd, 2022. This means that water levels will rise, but no major flooding is expected. We advise residents in low lying areas to turn on their sump pumps.

As of the morning of June 2nd, 2022, the Nicola River discharge from the Nicola Lake is at about 2/3 the 2021 spring peak. The Coldwater is at about half its 2021 spring peak. We know that neither river saw freshet flooding in 2021. We will continue to monitor the situation. 

Personal preparedness is an important part of ensuring that if situations evolve quickly, we are prepared to take action to keep ourselves and our families safe. We recommend our community members: 

-subscribe to VoyentAlert!

-follow the City’s website and social media pages and/or listen to the local radio for updates

-prepare a 72-hr emergency kits and, 

-have a family emergency plan. 

For emergency planning information see:

Free sand for sandbags has also been provided in the parking lot across from Merritt Civic Centre (1950 Mamette Avenue).

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