Thriving Communities Study Results

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We live in dynamic and ever-changing times and as such it is always important for communities through-out BC to prepare for and adapt to these changes. This inspired the question: how can a community become more resilient so when change happens, they can adapt, innovate, and thrive?

The answer is multi-faceted, and the best way to start understanding potential threats (to proactively mitigate them), and opportunities (to proactively to pursue them), is to engage with stakeholders – the community of Merritt.

WorkBC and Community Futures Nicola Valley have spearheaded a Thriving Communities project to ask strategic questions of local citizens, find out what’s on the minds of local workers and business leaders. All information will be used to develop a labour market study to pinpoint potential gaps and uncover innovative opportunities just waiting to be realized.

Study Results

Thriving Communities (2020)
The results have also been added on the page “Documents & Forums“.

For More Information Contact:
Will George
Manager of Communications
(250) 378-8619

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