2021-2022 Pilot Snow Clearing Program

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Residents of Merritt are required to clear snow off the sidewalk adjacent to their properties following a snow event. The city understands this presents challenges for elderly and disabled members of our community and is
introducing a pilot Snow Clearing Program for the 2021-2022 winter season that will offer senior and disabled residents an alternative snow removal option.

About the Snow Clearing Program:

The City of Merritt and the Interior Community Services / Better at Home – Nicola Valley has teamed up to provide a pilot snow removal service to support seniors who are unable to clear their pathways, sidewalks, and
driveways following snow events. Better at Home is a provincial program funded through the United Way British Columbia and provides subsidies to seniors for a variety of services. The Province of British Columbia has provided an additional grant to achieve social projects identified in Merritt’s Age-Friendly Action Plan.

The City of Merritt gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Province of British Columbia for providing this funding through the BC Community Support Grant. This grant will be used towards supporting this year’s snow removal program.

A concurrent pilot program is available for disabled residents who own their homes and are unable to clear their pathways, sidewalks, and driveways after a snowfall.

Program Qualifications:

To access support from the City of Merritt’s Pilot Snow Clearing Program in 2021-2022:

Senior applicants:
• A Merritt resident (reside in city limits)
• 65 years of age and older
• Proof of annual income may be required to receive subsidy
• Unable to shovel snow due to a physical disability or restriction
• Does not live with someone under 65 that would be able to provide snow removal

Disabled applicants:
• Merritt property owner
• Under 65 years of age
• Received the disabled homeowner grant in 2021
• Unable to shovel snow due to a physical disability or restriction

Access Support from the Snow Clearing Program:

If you or a loved one meet the qualifications and require support in clearing your path, sidewalk, or driveway following a snow event, please fill out and submit the Snow Clearing Program Application Form, and a representative from Better at Home or the City of Merritt will contact you.

How Snow Clearing Program Works:

Once eligible applicants have signed up for service with the 2021-2022 Snow Clearing Program a service provider will attend the residence within 24 hours of accumulation of snow to clear off pathways, sidewalks, and driveways.

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