Campfire Ban Lifted

By September 10, 2021No Comments

BC Wildfire Service is lifting the campfire ban for the Kamloops Fire Zone, which includes the City of Merritt.

As of September 10, 2021, at noon, those with valid small confined fire (campfire) permits will be once again permitted to enjoy their backyard fire.

We encourage residents to be cautious as we are still in active fire season. Never leave a campfire unattended and be sure to allow for ample combustible-free space around the pit. Check out www.firerescue.merritt.ca for tips on how to stay FireSmart.

Don’t have a campfire permit but want one?

Small Confined Fire permits can be issued to R1-R7 Zones (please check with the zoning bylaw to confirm your zoning).

Forms can be dropped off at City Hall (2185 Voght Street) with a $25 registration fee.

Once the application has been received, Merritt Fire Rescue Department will follow up to schedule an inspection before issuing the permit.

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