River levels in Merritt

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At this point (June 14th, 2022), the Nicola and Coldwater rivers through Merritt are running safely, with lower flows than they have had for the last two weeks.

The Coldwater river is currently taking around half the water volume it had two weeks ago. The outflow from Nicola Lake has been reduced by around 40% (from a maximum of 53 m^3/s to the current 30 m^3/s), and the river level in the City is visibly lower. Barricades remain in place to keep people safely away from the fast flowing water in Rotary and Lions parks.

By taking more water in the Nicola last week, we allowed the level of Nicola lake to drop, which means it now has the capacity for the water flowing in from the hills. We may need to increase flows in the future if more rain falls, but we believe we will be able to safely manage these flows because of the recent work. There are currently alerts on rivers around British Columbia, but there are no warnings on either river through Merritt, and we do not anticipate flooding at this point. We thank Merritt residents for staying away from the river banks as the rivers are running fast.

Residents in low-lying areas should continue to use their sump pumps, and consider if they need to use the free sandbags available opposite Merritt Civic Centre.

We encourage all residents to subscribe to the City’s information channels (website, facebook feed, and VoyentAlert!) to get the latest information.

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