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Trap Neuter Return Project

The City of Merritt would like to let residents know that the “Trap Neuter Return Project” is underway. The City will be trapping cats Monday and Tuesday evenings. This program is designed to help control the number of feral and unwanted cats living in the city by having the animals spayed and neutered. Cat populations in certain areas of the City have become increasingly high and the Trap Neuter Return Project is specifically designed to help communities control the cat populations humanely. The cats will be taken to the Nicola Valley Vet Clinic and the Merritt Veterinary Hospital and will stay in the care of the veterinary professionals until they are ready to be returned to the location they were trapped in. This Project was made possible in part through grant funding from the BC SPCA.

Did you know?
1 female and 1 male cat (intact) can produce 781,250 kittens
1 female cat can go into heat every 14 to 21 days
Female cats can have up to 3 litters per year with 4-6 kittens per litter
Some female cats will go into heat at 4 months old but the average age is 6-9 months
Female cats are usually driven into heat from seasonal changes so they will have very active heats from January through until September