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Local family reflects on fundraising

Merritt’s Schultz family with their $20,000 for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation and Diane Norton, a foundation governor (far right). The family presented their cheque to the foundation during its Miracle Weekend telethon on June 1 and 2 in Vancouver. “It’s [eight-year-old Jacob’s] heart, mind and idea that got the ball rolling. They weren’t expecting 20 grand coming from a little guy like him,” Jacob’s father, Amery, said. Keith Wong/Submitted photo

Published: July 10, 2013 4:00 PM - The Merritt Herald
Updated: July 10, 2013 4:07 PM

They may have doubled their fundraising goal for BC Children’s Hospital, but the charitable efforts will continue for Merritt’s Schultz family.

The fundraising, which began with bottle drives and was the brainchild of eight-year-old Jacob, soon took on a life of its own with the amount of support from the community.

Jacob’s father, Amery, said although they aren’t working toward a goal anymore — having doubled their original $10,000 goal and donating $20,000 to BC Children’s Hospital last month - the family is still collecting donated recyclables and putting the refund money toward the cause. In the last few weeks alone, Amery said they’ve already raised a couple hundred dollars.

“The phone is ringing off the hook seemingly more than it ever was,” said Amery. “You can’t say no to people. They want the money to go to Children’s Hospital. There’s a definite appetite in town for us to do something again in the coming year.”

About $5,000 of the total raised by the Schultzes came from a benefit concert shortly before the BC Children’s Hospital Miracle Weekend telethon, where Jacob and family presented their final cheque. Amery said after the success of that concert, he wants to plan another big event.

“We want to plan something; I don’t know what that something is though,” he said. “That’s the big question. It seems like a pipe dream right now, but just that little wingding we managed to pull off in under two weeks ... I don’t think I could’ve hoped for it to be any more successful than it was. If we can do that in two weeks, what can we do if we have six months or more to plan something?”

In the meantime, Amery and his wife Christiane said they are focusing on Jacob’s health and reflecting on the success of his fundraising campaign.

“It’s been therapeutic, and it’s been good for the whole family,” Amery said.