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Committee Appointments and Council Liaison Positions

The City of Merritt Supports Conflict of Interest Guidelines

Merritt —April 8, 2013—The City of Merritt is committed to supporting our community organizations and groups through continued efforts from Council and administration. At this point in time, however, we are unable to appoint committee or liaison members because of current conflict of interest guidelines. We want to ensure that we are in a position to appoint the right person to the role of committee member or Council liaison. In order to ensure this is done according to the guidelines and the best practices, it is important for City Council to understand and develop a process that supports the decisions made by the Supreme Court of Canada.

According to Mayor Susan Roline, “the decision not to have either Council appointed committee members or a Council liaison to community groups is in NO way a reflection of the great value of volunteer organizations that make Merritt a vibrant City”. Mayor Roline adds, “volunteer organizations remain a priority for Council and administration through other supportive channels within City Hall”. Before the City of Merritt can make any decisions regarding any appointment, it is important that Council members are fully aware, understanding, and abiding by the conflict of interest guidelines. It is also important for members of the community, organizations, and other groups to understand that these new guidelines will affect how they interact, engage, and do business with City officials, including, elected officials and administration. Until such time that City Council is able to ensure compliance with the Conflict of Interest Guidelines, our volunteer and community organizations volunteer and community groups should continue to submit newsletters to Council, send correspondence to the City of Merritt, come as a delegation to Council meetings, work with administrative staff, and use other tools available to engage City Hall.

Mayor Roline asks that the community remain patient throughout the process and understand that the City Council is doing everything necessary so that we can support and encourage community organizations in their continued development. Once the process to manage conflict of interest guidelines is clear, the City of Merritt will be in a better position to address requests for Council appointed committee members and liaisons to community organizations.

For more information Contact:
James Umpherson, Economic Development Manager
Telephone: (250) 378-4224