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City of Merritt Zoning Bylaw - Update

Merritt, British Columbia - June 3, 2013 -A new zoning bylaw is being prepared for Council consideration and it includes a number of mapping changes. If you received a letter it means that a property within 30m is undergoing a zoning change. On May 21st, the community was invited to get a look at the new zoning bylaw. The bylaw was presented to Council and was followed by a discussion period.

There is still time to comment on the bylaw. The City seeks input and comments from community residents and stakeholders prior to holding a Public Hearing on the Zoning Bylaw

What is the zoning bylaw?

  • The basic purpose of a Zoning Bylaw is to regulate  how development may occur within specific zones of the community (what can be built and how big buildings can be on a property).
  • The Zoning Bylaw also includes maps that clearly identify “zones” to facilitate land use management and protect the community from conflicting land uses.
  • Zoning Bylaws help planners, developers, real estate agents and members of the public make informed decisions about where and what to build in Merritt.
  • The Zoning Bylaw regulates the community’s vision and provides guidelines that direct future development within the City.

What is next?

  • The bylaw will be formalized and presented again to Council for 2 readings and a Public Hearing.

To see the proposed zoning bylaw draft and the proposed zoning map draft, please click the following links:

Proposed Zoning Bylaw »
Zoning Map »