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City of Merritt Recycling Cart Rollout

The City of Merritt is pleased to announce we are rolling out our Curbside Recycling Program at the end of April. Your new container will be delivered from April 11th to 19th and your first Recycling pick-up will be on the same day and time as your regular garbage pick-up starting the week of April 30th. See what items can be recycled here »

You will place your Recycling Container next to your Garbage container but please keep 1 meter between containers to allow the automated truck room to pick them up.

To ensure an efficient recycling program please only place your recycling container out for pick-up when it’s full or near full. All recycling can be placed in a “Blue Bag” inside your recycling container or can be place in the container loose. Please do not use black non see through bags for your recycling.

Every new recycling container will have a label on the lid showing you exactly what you can put into the recycling container and what you cannot put in the container.  You can also download our recycling brochure.

Recycling tips to remember:
  • recycle as much household recyclable material you can.
  • Use only see-through clear or blue bags. Or recyclables can be loose in the bin.
  • Glass of any type is not accepted in the curbside recycling but can be dropped off at the recycling depot located at Merritt Return-It Depot, 2326 Clapperton Avenue.
  • Caps and lids are recyclable. Rinse and remove from the containers and include in your household recycling.
  • Plastics must have recycling symbols 1 through 7.
* Styrofoam is absolutely not accepted even if it has recycling symbol 6.

For more information: please visit the tnrd website.