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October 13 2015 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


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GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

  • Ms. P. Weston presented on behalf of the Nicola Valley Heritage Society the June-August 2015 quarterly report for the Merritt Visitor Information Centre at the Baillie House.

    The Nicola Valley Heritage Society has expressed their interest in a renewal of the operational contract with the City of Merritt which expires December 2015 for a three to five (3-5) year term with an increase in remuneration

  • Ms. C. Cook and Mr. A. Schultz provided Council with an overview for the homeless count being undertaken by ASK Wellness on October 15, 2015.  ASK Wellness request Council donations for the supply of necessities for the homeless 


  •  Council approved the lease agreement between the City of Merritt and the Merritt Army Cadet Parents' Association and the Merritt Navy League from October 16, 2015 to October 16, 2018 with a specified annual payment of $1.00 plus applicable taxes

  • City of Merritt Fees & Charges Bylaw Amendment Bylaw No. 2198, 2015 was adopted
  • City of Merritt Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw AMendment Bylaw No. 2199, 2015 was adopted
  • City of Merritt Wood Burning Appliances and Air Quality Bylaw AMendment Bylaw No. 2200, 2015 and City if Merritt Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw AMendment Bylaw 2201, 2015 were deferred until more information can be provided by the Planning & Development Services Manager
  • City of Merritt Permissive Tax Exemption Bylaw 2202, 2015 was read a first, second and third time


  • Council approves a fourteen hundred and seventy ($1,470.00) dollar sponsorship in support of the annual Winter Celebrations Powwow.  The in-kind sponsorship will include Civic Centre room rental fees up to fourteen hundred and seventy ($1,470.00) dollars and will be funded by the City Initiative budget  
  • Council decline the request to write off property taxes for 2000 Birch Avenue
  • THAT Council authorizes the Mayor to provide a letter of support to the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society (formerly Merritt Community Cinema Society)
  • Council approves the 2015 Goal Setting & Planning Project Phase Two Results (The Strategic Plan) for the years 2015 to 2018
  • Council approve the purchase of the recreational software Perfect Mind and authorizes the signing of a five (5) year contract with the additional funding to be corrected in the 2015 Five Year Financial Plan with an amendment bylaw
  • City of Merritt not renew the membership to the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway Association
  • City of Merritt support the British Columbia Youth Parliament, 87th Parliament by providing registration for one (1) student to attend; AND THAT advertisement be on the City page in the newspaper and through the M.S.S., N.V.I.T. and S.C.I.D.E.S.
  • Council direct staff to advise Scw’exmx to complete the grant-in-aid process for the National Addictions Awareness Week events


  • Nil
  • Councillor Prowal attended the Strategic Planning session September 28th; Signage Strategic planning on October 05th; cast the ballot for the City for the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Board of Directors election; suggested the City enter a float in the Country Christmas parade and announced the annual fish count is being conducted in the Coldwater River 
  • Councillor Goetz suggested the old fire engine be used in the Country Christmas parade; provided the latest gas buddy prices; attended UBCM September 21-25th; the Vancouver Soaring Club gliders September 25th and 28th; and the Council Strategic Planning session September 28th 
  • Councillor Norgaard attended UBCM September 21-223rd; Council Strategic Planning September 28th; Signage Strategic Planning on October 05th and the SILGA Finance 101 session October 07th. 
  • Councillor Baker attended the Farmer’s Market on September 18th; UBCM September 21-25th; Strategic Planning session September 28th and the All Candidates meting for the federal election October 08th 
  • Councillor Christopherson attend UBCM September 21-25th and the Strategic Planning session September 28th 
  • Councillor Brown attended UBCM September 21-25th
  • Mayor Menard attended UBCM September 21-25th; Council Strategic Planning session September 28th; the dinner with School District 58 and Aboriginal Council on October 01st; Nicola Valley Health Care Auxiliary conference October 02nd; Thompson Nicola Regional District meetings and the Thompson Nicola Regional District Solid Waste Management meeting; as well as meetings with Surinder Ghog; Royal Bank of Canada; Thompson Okanagan workshop on the Trans Canada Trail; Merritt Speedway; Midget hockey tournament and the All Candidates meeting on October 06th  

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