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November 20, 2012 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
General Matters:
  1. Mr. R. Gage, Finance Chair, Trinity United Church presented to Council regarding the financial impact of City fees to churches regarding garbage collection and mandatory water meter installation requesting Council consider waiving the plumbing inspection fee and the water turn on/off fee for churches
*Council resolved that staff be directed to prepare a report for Council if Council has the authority to exempt churches from the fees and that staff research and report on what other municipalities do with regards to utility fees for churches
  1. Council adopted the City of Merritt Road Closure Bylaw No. 2138, 2012
New Business:
  1. Council deferred the motion that the City keep the remaining funds collected for the hotel tax until it becomes clear how the new organization (Merritt and the Nicola Valley Destination Marketing Society) will develop and potentially use the funds until the Merritt and the Nicola Valley Destination Marketing Society make a presentation to Council
  2. Council passed a resolution that the City enter into an agreement with to provide live-streaming internet broadcast services for the City Council meetings for a 3 year period at a price of $11,760 per year and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer ve authorized to sign the agreement on behalf of the City
  3. Council passed a resolution that the City enter into a Service Agreement with the TNRD to provide planning services for 5 years and that the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to sign the Service Agreement as is on behalf of the City
  4. Council approved the letter of support for the Nicola Valley & District Food Bank grant application
Notices of Motion:

Notice of Motion from Councillor Murdoch:
That the list of people to whom the Council meeting schedule is e-mailed be expanded to any reisdent in Merritt eligible to vote in Merritt City elections who requested to be added to the list and that an invitation to be added to this list be included in a prominent place on the City web
Economic Development Manager to research capabilities and the cost of archiving, space required etc. of the new website provider and research other municipalities practice

Reports from Council:
  1. Councillor Baker thanked the Leisure Services Manager and MP Dan Albas regarding the announcement for the Civic Centre
  2. Councillor Christopherson reminded everyone of the Country Christmas event next week
  3. Councillor Goetz commended the Leisure Services Department, Administration and Council regarding the opening and operation of the new hot tubs at the Nicola Valley Aquatic Centre
  4. Councillor Murdoch announced the 5th anniversary of the BC Transit system in the City of Merritt and invited residents to the ceremony on November 27th at 2:00 pm at the Civic Centre
  5. Mayor Roline commented on the Remeberance Day services

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