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November 14 2017 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Stephanie Archie spoke to Council regarding Item 8.1 under New Business, discussing the importance of the Winter Celebrations Pow Wow to the community and requesting that Council considering extending the requested Grant in Aid

GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

S/Sgt White presented the 3rd Quarter Merritt Detachment Policing Activity Report providing an overview of the following:
• General Duty
• General Investigation Section
• Domestic Violence/Victim Services
• Drug Trends
• Human Resources
• Funded Levels


THAT Council receive the Empty Premises Tax report for information


That Council approves the in kind Extraordinary Grant in Aid of one thousand one hundred two dollars and fifty ($1,102.50) cents for the Winter Celebrations Pow Wow Committee (WCPWC) for the use of the Civic Centre from December 15, 2017 to December 17, 2017 to be funded through the Community Initiative fund;
AND THAT Council direct staff to include a request for the WCPWC to apply during the fall Grant in Aid intake for future requests of this nature
Voting Opposed: Councillor Brown

THAT Council approve the purchase of the Book King recreation management software system from Pacific Tier Solutions Incorporated and authorize the signing of the contract with funding from the 2017 Capital Plan

THAT Council amends the policies as listed in Schedule “A” attached to this report
Voting Opposed: Councillor Goetz



THAT staff be directed to bring forward a report outlining options for designating the City owned island as a Protected Reserve.

THAT the City of Merritt provide the Fraser Basin Council with funding in the amount of twenty-five thousand ($25,000) dollars to support environmental protections initiatives in the City. 


  • Councillor Goetz provided the latest Gas Buddy Prices in Merritt and across the Region.
  • Councillor Brown attended a Health Care executive meeting, met with Community Futures, participated in a Thomson Nicola Regional District Solid Waste meeting, attended a Community Health Care meeting, took part in the Merritt Remembrance Day ceremony and advised that November is Financial Literacy month.
  • Councillor Norgaard attended a Health Care Committee meeting, spoke about her excellent experience attending a Council meeting with the Upper Nicola Band, and attended the Merritt Remembrance Day ceremony.
  • Councillor Baker was out of Canada for a few weeks, but reminded everyone about the Hands of Hope food drive.
  • Councillor Prowal attended the Chamber Logging show meeting at Aspen Planers and advised that next year’s event will be from September 14-16, attended the Halloween Fireworks, and attended the Remembrance Day service and thanked the Public Works and the Recreation departments for cleaning up the cenotaph and clearing snow. 
  • Councillor Christopherson attended a Finance and Audit Committee meeting, a meeting reporting on flooding in the region, a Health Care prep meeting, Country Christmas meetings, a Canada 150 meeting, the Community Health Care meeting, and gave thanks to the Legion for putting on a very special Remembrance Day ceremony.  Councillor Christopherson reminded the public of the upcoming Christmas tree light-up, the Annual Christmas Concert, the Country Christmas Parade, and Santa Land at the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Mayor Menard attended an Icebreaker for the Merritt Centennials, three (3) Thompson Nicola Regional District meetings, including the inaugural meeting of the Board, attended a fundraiser for Collettville Elementary, a fundraiser for the Tennis Club, a Council meeting of the Upper Nicola Band and the Merritt Remembrance Day ceremony.


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