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May 23 2017 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017



GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

S/Sgt. Sheila White presented the following to Council in relation to the Merritt Detachment Policing Activity Report 1st Quarter:
• General Duty details
o 1218 - calls for service
o Regular Patrols in the downtown area
o 135 - prisoners processed
o 71 – 911 calls (52 were determined as false)
o 10 – driving privilege suspensions
• Officer training courses
o Road to Mental Readiness
o Human Trafficking seminar
o Conducted Energy Weapon
o Phased Interview course
• General Investigation Section (GIS) cases
o Sexual assault
o Inter-provincial fraud
o Homicide
o Assault causing bodily harm
o Stolen property from Best Western Hotel
o Missing person (George Longpre)
o First Nations Policing – Aggravated Assault
o Drug poisoning

o Criminal negligence in relation to a death resulting from drug overdose

• Domestic Violence/Victim Services
o 49 new clients
• Drug Trends
• Human Resources
• Statistics
o Assault & Domestic dispute
o Break & Entry
o Theft of motor vehicle
o Theft from motor vehicle
o Liquor intoxication in public


THAT Councillor Brown be appointed to the Heritage Commission

THAT Council approve the attached draft Lease Agreement between the City of Merritt and Nicola Valley Search & Rescue; AND THAT the Mayor and Corporate Officer be authorized to execute the agreement on behalf of the City

THAT Council direct staff to fund the ten thousand ($10,000) dollars requested by the Merritt & District Tennis Club for court resurfacing from Gas Tax Reserves and amend the 2017-2021 Financial Plan accordingly

THAT staff prepare recommendations for an “Empty Premises Tax” and  “Reporting Protocol” similar to the City of Vancouver’s for Council consideration


THAT Council supports the submission of a grant application to the Federal Gas Tax Fund – Strategic Priorities Fund – Capital Infrastructure Projects Stream for the implementation of universal water meters in the City of Merritt, as included in the 2017-2021 Financial Plan




Councillor Christopherson made the following Notice of Motion: THAT within City limits it is unlawful to maintain a colony of more than 6 pigeons or to keep, feed, or otherwise attract birds or wild animals on or to a property such that the birds or wild animals cause property nuisance in relation to another property

Councillor Norgaard made the following Notice of Motion: THAT staff investigate the use of predator birds to get rid of the colony of pigeons that are causing problems in the community

Councillor Christopherson made the following Notice of Motion: THAT a committee be struck to make recommendations regarding how to mitigate flood management mitigation procedures to include: preventative diking, catch basins, notification procedures, site restrictions on new development and other related issues


  • Councillor Baker attended the City of Merritt Business Walk, Committee of the Whole meeting, and Police Committee meeting.
  • Councillor Prowal met with two (2) representatives from the Nicola Valley Fall Fair, thanked City staff for their work with the flood, announced that the Back Country Horsemen return on the weekend of May 27th, and expressed disappointment in relation to highway signage (i.e.: Alternative Route signage when a highway is closed).
  • Councillor Christopherson attended the Theatre Society AGM, a Canada 150 meeting, Hospital Foundation meeting, City of Merritt Business Walk, Committee of the Whole meeting, and helped with sand bagging efforts in the community.
  • Councillor Norgaard attended the City of Merritt Business Walk, Committee of the Whole meeting, Police Committee meeting, Social Planning Committee meeting, and a Private Food Security meeting hosted by Community Futures.
  • Mayor Menard attended TNRD meetings, Police Committee meeting, Centennials AGM, NVIT graduation ceremony, and a Social Planning Committee meeting.

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