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March 22, 2011 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011
General Matters:
  1. Jean Perog, Chair, Community Futures Nicola Valley introduced Deanne Parise-Brigden, Economic Development Officer.
  2. Ms. Parise-Brigden presented the 2010 Annual Report from Economic Development Services as provided through Community Futures Nicola Valley.  Council provided comments on the video produced by Community Futures Nicola Valley; Ms Parise-Brigden advised that Council approval of the video is required prior to the video being posted on their website.
  3. Council accepted the 2010 Annual Community Futures Nicola Valley Report for Economic Development Services
Unfinished Business:

Council awarded the designation of the 2011 “Official Visitor Guide” to the Merritt News and Council will review this designation every year based on the quality of the publication 

New Business:
  1. Council authorizes the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to sign the updated restrictive covenant for properties on lands locally known as the “racetrack property”
  2. Council make the following appintments/changes to the Outdoor Recreational Facility Users Committee:
    • »Representing Merritt Youth Softball –Council appoint Marlane Stewart
    • »Council rescind the appointments of Ray Dustin (Representative) and Ryan Reid (Alternate)representing Merritt Barbarians Rugby Club
    • »Representing Merritt Barbarians Rugby Club – Council appoint Ryan Reid with Adam Ware as an alternate
    Reports from Council:
    1. Councillor Goetz congratulated Butch Sahara on his induction into the "Coyboy Hall of Fame" and wished the Merritt Midgets boys hockey team the best of luck at the Provincial playoffs
    2. Councillor Sanders announced the "Volunteer Appreciation Recognition Tea" will be held on April 14, 2011 at 7:00 pm
    3. Councillor Baker send best wishes to a City employee suffering medical issues

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