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June 14, 2016 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


  • Mr. R. Martindale commented with regards to Item 6.1 of the agenda stating:
    • It was difficult to get letters of support for the Merritt City Limits project due to calendar times/meeting conflicts
    • Support has been obtained from the following organizations:
    o Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce
    o Century 21
    o Telus
    o Vision Merritt
    o Tourism Nicola Valley

GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

Mr. B. Snee spoke to Council about the parking issues in City of Merritt Zoning Bylaw 2187 including:
• The thirty-five hundred ($3500) dollar charge to new businesses coming in requiring parking
• Parking requirements are not “pro-business”
• The cost is too steep and is a deterrent to new businesses

Mr. Snee suggested a “One Way” system downtown be established to help with parking issues;  “One Way” street proposal was indicated on a map Mr. Snee presented to Council

Downtown Voice Asked: THAT the thirty-five hundred ($3500) dollar fee be removed from the Zoning Bylaw and would like to explore other solutions for the parking issues that Merritt faces

Direction - Council requested that staff locate the original Quilchena Avenue one-way plan from 2010 and report back to Council


THAT Council not support Merritt City Limits’ request for match funding up to $5,000 for 2016; AND THAT the group continue to work on their plan and approach Council again next year Voting Opposed:  Councillors Goetz and Norgaard


  • THAT Council authorize the Corporate Officer to sign the BC Transit Revised Expansion Memorandum of Understanding as presented
  • THAT Council approves the City of Merritt Statement of Financial Information for the year ended December 31, 2015 as presented and authorizes the Mayor and the Director of Finance & IT to sign the statement on behalf of the City 
  • THAT Council adopt the proposed Council Conference Policy as submitted
  • THAT Council approve the revised Permissive Tax Exemption Policy to allow for permissive tax exemptions for a period of up to four (4) years as amended by addition of 1.8 “Notice sent out to organizations reminding them when their term is up”
  • THAT Council directs Corporate Services set arrange meetings with the following Ministries at the 2016 UBCM Conference:
    Premier Christy Clark
    Ministry of Health
    Ministry of Justice
    Ministry of Transportation
    Ministry of Forests, Land and Natural Resource Operations
    Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development



Notice of Motion from Councillor Norgaard:

WHEREAS drought conditions are predicated to continue into 2017 and; WHEREAS the City of Merritt has some of the highest residential water consumption in the Southern Interior and; WHEREAS residential rain barrels capture a valuable resource; THERFORE be it resolved that Council directs staff to research and prepare a report for Council regarding a City sponsored residential rain barrel program for implementation in the spring of 2017


  • Councillor Norgaard participated in the “Big Bike Ride” and invited Council to attend a meeting with MLA Tegart June 29th regarding mental health beds 
  • Councillor Christopherson participated in the “Big Bike Ride”, volunteered at Gillis House and presented Andrea Rogers with her award    
  • Councillor Goetz provided the latest gas buddy prices, watched the start of the Merritt Country Run, observed some Pickleball games, and has an upcoming Museum meeting 
  • Councillor Prowal attended the Merritt Fire Department appreciation night, toured the Honour House, attended the Merritt Country Run and reminded Council of the Adopt-a-Road clean-up on June 27th at 6:00 pm
  • Councillor Brown attended the Merritt Fire Department appreciation night; toured the Honour House; reported on the FCM Conference and attended the Judge Henry Castillou presentation   
  • Councillor Baker attended the “Big Bike Ride” and toured the Honour House
  • Mayor Menard attended the Diamondvale School Powwow, the Merritt Fire Department appreciation night, Merritt Country Run; participated in the “Big Bike Ride”; attended the School District “Battle of the Books” and the FCM Conference.  Bench Elementary Grade 3 class toured City Hall with Mayor Menard; attended the United Church “Ringing of the Bell”; reviewed and inspected Navy League Cadets Squadron 209 and Rocky Mountain Rangers; presented the awards at the Cow Trail Classic; attended the Merritt Country Run; spoke at the Rotary Club “Nooner” and attended a Nicola Valley Search and Rescue event     

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