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June 13 2017 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Brian Dafoe – 8.1 New Horizons for Seniors Grant Application; Mr. Dafoe addressed Council stating that the Merritt Pickle-Ball Club cannot apply for grant funding until the City has determined whether the Pickle-Ball Club can have exclusive use of a City facility. The New Horizons for Seniors grant funding would be used to complete capital improvements.

GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

Mr. Reynolds introduced Community Futures Nicola Valley (CFNV) staff members and presented the following to Council in relation to the CNFV Performance Results 2016-2017:
• Board of Directors
• Provide support for small businesses
o Small business counselling
o Guidance while preparing a business plan
o Basic steps to start a small business
o Small business registration
o Help with opening a GST/PST CRA account
o Assistance with setting up the company financial records
• Respond or initiate community economic development opportunities
• Stakeholder groups
o City of Merritt
o Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce
o Tourism Nicola Valley
o Canadian Country Music Heritage Society
o Merritt & District Food Bank
o Nicola Valley Community Arts Council
o Vision Merritt
o Nicola Valley Health Care Endowment Foundation Society
• Loans dispersed
• Job creation statistics
• Business retention, expansions & start-ups
• Diversity of clients served
• Business training sessions
o The Power of Buying Local
o Financial Literacy Program Workshops
o Canada BC Job Grant
o Uncover hidden Insights with Commercial Risks Scores
o Basic Bookkeeping
o Rural Dividend Fund (1st and 2nd intake)

Mr. Reynolds expressed that CFNV wishes to promote continued partnership with the City of Merritt.


THAT staff be directed to bring back a proposed amendment to the Animal Control Bylaw addressing the issue of pigeons

THAT a committee be struck to make recommendations regarding how to implement flood management mitigation procedures to include: preventative diking, catch basins, notification procedures, site restrictions on new development and other related issues


THAT the motion be deferred to a Special Meeting where Council can consider the staff report outlining options for a permanent location for the Pickle-Ball Club 

THAT Council accepts the Agreement to demolish 1513 Canford Avenue as presented; AND THAT the Mayor and Director of Corporate Services be authorized to execute the Agreement on behalf of the City 

THAT a User Fee Policy for the Electric Car Chargers be presented to the Policy Review Committee for consideration

THAT Council approves the City of Merritt Statement of Financial Information for the year ended December 31, 2016 as presented and authorizes the Mayor and the Director of Finance & IT to sign the statement on behalf of the City

That Council choose to not apply for expansion of service at this time and receive this report and Expansion Memorandum of Understanding for information only

THAT Council provide staff with direction on the nature of support the City is to provide to the Health Care Community Consultation process

THAT Council support the Health Care Community Consultation process with in-kind and financial aid to a maximum of five thousand ($5,000) dollars to be funded from the Council Contingency fund

THAT Council advances application DVP 2017-01 and directs staff to provide the required statutory notice that a decision on the application will be made July 11, 2017 at the Regular Meeting of Council






  • Councillor Brown thanked staff for the detailed Statement of Financial Information (SOFI) report, attended the City of Merritt Business Walk and a Committee of the Whole meeting.
  • Councillor Goetz provided the latest Gas Buddy prices, and attended the Mountain Bike Club’s Bike Rally.
  • Councillor Norgaard attended the Kengard Manor Donation Centre garage sale, and welcomed Australian bus tours to the City.
  • Councillor Christopherson attended Canada 150 meetings, Healthcare Consultation meetings, a Theatre Society meeting, BC Transit open house, Country Christmas meeting, Arts Council workshop, and volunteered at Gillis House.
  • Councillor Prowal met with the Back Country Horsemen, welcomed Australian bus tours to the City, attended Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce Logger Sports Show meeting, First Nations graduation ceremony, BC High School Provincial Rodeo event, met with MP Dan Albas, and reminded Council that Adopt-a-Road will be held on June 29, 2017 from 6-8 pm.
  • Mayor Menard attended the School District 58 Annual Powwow, “Battle of the Books” event at Merritt Secondary School, Anglican Church welcome event, Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) 2017 Annual Conference in Ottawa, BC Transit open house, BC High School Provincial Rodeo event, and met with the Back Country Horsemen. 

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