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June 11, 2013 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013
General Matters:
    • Mr. R. Miller presented to Council an overview of Community Futures Nicola Valley including:
      »Community Futures activity review/update
      »2013 operational plan (targets and highlights)
      »Upcoming projects and opportunities for collaboration
    • Ms. C. Werrun made a presentation on behalf of the Nicola Valley Arts Council addressing:
      »Who the Nicola Valley Arts Council is and what they do
      »Why Arts?
      »Arts and the community
      »Nicola Valley Arts Council Programs including community concert series; Courthouse Art Gallery;  new programs for 2012-2013 and new programs for 2013-2014
      »Cultural Mapping including the proposal, budget, time lines and stakeholders

    The Nicola Valley Arts Council is requesting Council to reconsider funding the Nicola Valley Arts Council five thousand ($5,000) dollars from the 2012 budget as well as nine thousand five hundred ($9,500) dollars for the Cultural Mapping project proposal

Unfinished Business:
  1. THAT Council authorize the extension of the contract between Sunshine Valley Good Earth Company and the City of Merritt for a one (1) year period from September 01, 2013 through August 31, 2014, with no changes to terms for that period
  2. THAT as the Directional Signage Committee is lacking members;

    AND THAT as people have shown an interest in serving on the committee, that Anoop Sekhon, Darrell Brooks and Robert Miller be appointed to the Directional Signage Committee subject to receipt of an application from Mr. Anoop Sekhon;

    AND FURTHER THAT the appointments be made as soon as possible

New Business:
  1. THAT Council approves Development Variance Permit application 2013-02 for 2926 Charters Street
  2. THAT the City enter into a contractual agreement with Richard Cordner Architects Ltd. to provide architectural services for the two-phased construction of the fire station addition;

    AND THAT the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer be authorized to execute the agreement on behalf of the City under the terms herein

  3. THAT Council accept the resignations of Maryanne Bowles, Sue Peachy and Sheila Curnow from the Water Resource Advisory Committee

Reports From council:

Mayor Roline attended the Commuter Challenge on May 29th; the Ty Pozzobon Invitational Bull Riding event on June 01st; the Premier’s announcement for new cabinet ministers on June 07th; the Merritt Country Run on June 09th and the Bench Elementary grade three class on June 10th.


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