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July 28, 2015 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


  • Ray Robinson provided his comments to Council with regards to the cost overruns at the lacrosse box

GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

  • Nil


  •  THAT an independent audit be done on the cost overruns on the lacrosse box as too many questions remain unanswered

  • Nil


  • City of Merritt 2014 Annual Report be received 
  • Council request consent from the Thompson Nicola Regional District for the City of Merritt to provide sanitary sewer service to Sterling Hunt (GP) Ltd. operating asthe Moonshadows RV Park located on Neilson Street south of Merritt; AND THAT upon receiving consent from the Thompson Nicola Regional District, staff bring the new agreement back to Council for consideration of approval
  • Council approves the Public Works Department decommissioning the automated electric traffic signals at the intersection of Quilchena Avenue and Garcia Street and replace them with the "Four-Way" stop
  • the report on the 2015 Asset Management Planning Grant Award be received for information
  • Council accept the application from Sarjit Ahuja; AND THAT Council approve Development Permit application DP2015-D, and authorizes issuance of the Permit subject to: 1. The requisite secutiry bond being received for landscaping in the amount of three hundred ($300.00) dollars, and 2.  Approval from the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure


  •  Councillor Baker made the following Notice of Motion:

    WHEREAS there has been some Council concern over lack of reporting of major projects; AND WHEREAS it is the responsibility of Council to direct the process; AND WHEREAS on behalf of the community of Merritt, Council needs to be able to have prompt input from staff regarding developing and improving conditions for its citizenry


  • Councillor Prowal reported the osprey pole at Tolko has been replaced by BC Hydro; presented the water stats and requested everyone flatten their cardboard before putting it in the recycle bins at the Recycling Depot as well as not putting household waste in the recycle bins
  • Councillor Goetz reported the gas buddy prices; attended the Firefighters Awards banquet on July 17th and gave kudos to the Wildfire Response team for their prompt response to the fire on Hamilton Hill
  • Councillor Brown attended the Firefighters Awards banquet on July 17th  and the Council goal setting sessions
  • Mayor Menard hosted drop-in sessions; attended the TNRD and Hospital Board meetings; the Firefighters Awards banquet on July 17th; and the Nicola Valley Cruisers Club Show & Shine on July 26th 

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