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January 23, 2018 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018



GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

The Delegation discussed the provincial government’s underfunding of TRU relative to other post-secondary institutions, and requested that the City of Merritt provide a letter of support to encourage the province to conduct a review of how TRU is funded.


THAT the City of Merritt provide a letter to Minister Heyman outlining concerns regarding the threat of Quagga and Zebra Mussels;
AND THAT the letter discuss the risk of Mussels spreading via float planes.

THAT Council direct staff to prepare a report regarding options for allowing Merritt Councillors and Committee members to phone in to meetings when they cannot attend in person, as long as there is a phone available.


THAT Council amend the policies listed in Schedule “A” attached to this report as recommended by the Policy Review Committee.

THAT Council approve the addition of two hundred and thirty nine (239) hours to the annual service hours budgeted for the Transit System to allow for transit services on statutory holidays and direct staff to work with BC Transit to include this service in the 2018/2019 Annual Operating Agreement
Voting Opposed: Councillor Brown

THAT Council accept the amendments to the Terms of Reference for the Environment Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Police Committee, the Policy Review Committee, the Social Planning Committee and the Tourism and Economic Development Committee, to include an annual reporting requirement 

THAT Council receive the December 31, 2017 Budget Position Report and the 2017 Capital Project Status Report as submitted

THAT the Mayor proclaim February 19-23, 2018 as “Chamber of Commerce Week”
Voting Opposed: Councillor Baker, Councillor Norgaard



Councillor Prowal made the following Notice of Motion:

THAT Council review the Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Policies at the next Council meeting


  • Councillor Christopherson attended a Health Care advocacy meeting and the Grant-in-Aid Committee of the Whole meeting.
  • Councillor Norgaard attended a Health Care advocacy meeting, the Grant-in-Aid Committee of the Whole meeting, a Social Planning Committee meeting, two social planning working group meetings and the celebration of life for Marguerite Kempin.
  • Councillor Prowal attended an emergency response volunteer dinner, the monthly NVIT movie screening, the Grant-in-Aid Committee of the Whole meeting and the Chamber Logging show.


Moved, Seconded and CARRIED
THAT Council provide a thank you letter to Terri Hadwin for her years of service working with the Gold Country Communities Society

  • Councillor Brown attended an emergency response volunteer dinner, a Health Care advocacy meeting, the Grant-in-Aid Committee of the Whole meeting, a Finance Committee meeting and a Policy Review Committee meeting.
  • Mayor Menard attended the emergency response volunteer dinner, RCMP Guard training, a conference call with the Honourable Doug Donaldson, a BCHL Governors meeting, a Finance and Audit Committee meeting, a TNRD Committee of the Whole meeting and Regular Board meeting, a Centennials Board meeting, a Police Committee meeting, a Policy Review Committee meeting, and visited JoeAnna’s House in Kelowna.

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