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February 09, 2016 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


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GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

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  • Council direct staff to advise Mr. Rizzardo in writing that the penalties and interest for Roll # 451.01778.001 cannot be reversed as requested
  • City install 2 picnic tables at the parking lot area used by the Farmer’s Market, for all to enjoy and have both with dedication plaques for Milly Mitchell
  • Council receive for information the draft Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw attached to this report as Appendix “A”; AND THAT Council direct staff to prepare a new draft Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw incorporating the following changes:

    • Change the manner in which façade improvements are evaluated by BC Assessment to remove the distinction between projects requiring building permits and projects not requiring such permits;
    • Remove disincentives identified to demolish old buildings and construct new buildings;
    • Make reliance on change in assessment the standard value of exemptions in all instances except façade improvements; and
    • Include “processing” in the definition of Class 5: Light Industrial; AND FURTHER THAT Council direct staff send that draft bylaw for legal review; AND FURTHER THAT upon receipt and discussion of that review, staff prepare the bylaw for presentation to Council


  • Nil


  • Council endorse the following appointments to Standing Committees:
    • Tourism and Economic Development – Councillors Christopherson, Goetz and Prowal
    • Finance and Audit – Councillors Baker, Brown and Christopherson
    • Police – Mayor Menard and Councillors Baker and Norgaard


  • Notice of Motion from Councillor Prowal: Council direct staff to prepare a report on the integrity of the City owned structure at 2544 Lauder Avenue with the report to include options for upgrades/repairs required to code or tear down


  •  Councillor Norgaard attended the Police Committee meeting on February 02nd and the Inter City Bowling League fundraiser 
  • Councillor Goetz corrected his statement at the last Council meeting advising that Milly Mitchell was the founder of the Farmers’ Market when in fact it was Lorna Shutter.  Ms. Mitchell was very involved in the Farmers’ Market.  Councillor Goetz provided the lasts gas buddy prices and attended the Hockey Academy presentation on February 04th 
  • Councillor Brown advised the Environment Committee report will be ready for the next Council meeting, requested Vision Merritt be discussed at a Closed Council meeting and requested a verbal report from the Chief Administrative Officer 
  • Councillor Christopherson advised of some upcoming events being the next Council budget meeting February 13th; Economic Development workshop February 15th; his commitment to Gillis house February 16th; cabaret event on February 17th and the Business after Business event on February 18th.  Councillor Christopherson offered his condolences on the passing of Charlie Baxter and Ray Tippe 
  • Councillor Prowal had circulated the Adopt-A-Road clean-up schedule; attended the Local Government Leadership Academy February 03rd-05th; and shared her discovery of midwifery at the library in Merritt
  • Councillor Baker thanked Mr. Schaffer for his past services as Acting Director of Corporate Services and shared the press release from Interior Health announcing Cindy Perry, HCIS Manager will be working out of the Merritt Hospital
  • Mayor Menard thanked Mr. Schaffer for his past services; commented on the past budget meeting January 28th; attended the Telus fibre optic session and the Police Committee meeting on February 02nd; the Local Government Leadership Academy February 03rd – 05th and on behalf of Council apologized to staff at the Merritt Hospital regarding comments made by Council at the January 28th regular Council meeting 
  • Councillor Goetz stated his comments at the January 28th regular Council meeting regarding the Merritt Hospital were at no time targeted to anyone at the hospital and would not allow Council to take blame for comments he made 
  • Chief Administrative Officer made a verbal report as requested 

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