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April 14, 2015 Regular Council Meeting

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


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GENERAL MATTERS - Delegations and Recognitions

  • Mr. J. Anderson, President, Nicola Stockbreeders Association, Ms. H. Rutherford and Ms. Erika Strand made a presentation to Council informing Council of the upcoming BC Cattleman's Association convention in May; inviting Council to the Thursday evening wine & cheese and requested Mayor Menard open the conference and requested the City showcase the BC Cattleman's Association conference on the City web page as well as advertise the event on the radio and in the newspaper
  • Mr. E. Zimmerman presented to Council concerns on River Ranch Road - parking in fron of Tim Horton's and McDonalds suggesting the no parking signs are in the wrong spots (should be moved up to the driveways) and the signs should read "No Parking or Stopping at Anytime" as well as better policing of the area.  He also expressed his concern to COuncil of the BC Hydro lines through the subdivision that should be underground and his view that the subdivision has been turned into an industrial site.


  • It was suggested that Active Transportation Merritt be invited to participate with the Parks, Recreation and Culture master plan
  • THAT the Organic Matter Recycling Regulation - Notifications in the Nicola Valley report be received for information
  • THAT the lease agreement between the City and the Merritt Tennis Club, for the Merritt Tennis Complex, (Lot 2, Plan 29664, District Lot 174, Kamloops Division, PID #004-201-728) for the period of April 14, 2015 to April 13, 2018, with a specified annual payment of one ($1.00) dollar plus applicable taxes be approved; AND THAT the Mayor and Chief Administrative officer be authorized to execute the lease agreement on behalf of the City


  • Nil


  • THAT the City pay the rental fee for the Friends of the Nicola Valley Society workshop being held April 20th at the Civic Centre in the amount of $154.35 funded from the City Initiatives Fund  Voting Opposed:  Councillors Baker and Brown
  • Council accepts the appeal from the Merritt Curling Club and allows the Club to apply for full permissive tax exemption status 
  • THAT the grant application to the Federal Gas Tax Fund Strategic Priorities Fund (SPF) for Water Treatment Upgrades in the amount of $2.28 million be approved

  • THAT the grant application to the 2015 Asset Management Planning Program for the creation of a 20 year Asset Management Investment Plan in the amount of $20,000 be approved

  • THAT Council awards the 2015-2019 Line Painting contract to Alpine Line Painting in the amount of $41,381.81 for 2015, $41,536.52 for 2016, $42,688.78 for 2017, $42,768.11 for 2018 and $44,708.63 for 2019; AND THAT the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer/Corporate Officer be authorized to execute the required documents


  • Nil


  • Councillor Christopherson attended the Gillis House appreciation tea on April 14th noting that volunteer efforts need to be appaulded and recognized
  • Councillor Goetz attended the Nicola Valley Youth conference on March 25th and reported the lastest gas buddy prices   
  • Councillor Prowal organized the Council Adopt-A-Road clean-up on March 30th advising the next clean-up is June 29th; attended the "bees to life" lecture at the library on April 09th; reported on the burr buttercup, the river forecast and current snow pack levels; and reported on her meeting with Terri Hadwin from Gold Country Communities Society
  • Councillor Baker attended the annual general meeting for the Community Garden on April 08th stating there are more gardeners than plots this year
  • Councillor Brown attended a no host luncheon with Minister of Forests; participated in the Council Adopt-A-Road clean-up and suggested the main highways into the City need to be cleaned up
  • Mayor Menard attended the Nicola Valley Youth Conference on March 25th; participated in the Adopt-A-Road clean-up on March 30th; hosted a drop-in session on April 01st; attended a Sunrise Rotary meeting as well as the Merritt Centennials camp and the Council of Forest Industrries (COFI) conference in Prince George

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