Flood Mitigation Plan

In Spring 2022, the City of Merritt’s Recovery Operations Team and consultants presented several potential flood mitigation options to Council. While some residents support dredging of the river, hydrologists deem that this is not a viable flood mitigation measure and can negatively impact the environment.  A proposal of various diking measures are outlined in this updated Presentation to Council (PDF).  It is important to note that the designs presented are preliminary and will be modified further after input from residents and first nations. This report is a necessary step in seeking the required $165 million flood mitigation funding from other levels of government.

Key Points

  • Total Project Cost is ~$165M over 5 years
  • The City is working with various levels of Government to find funding, but there is currently nothing available
  • The proposed plan is not final, and no further decisions will be made until funding is sourced
  • Further Community engagement will happen when there is an update to the funding status