Fall Classes Registration Deadline: October 1

By September 29, 2021No Comments

Register for these available wellness fall classes! The registration deadline is this Friday, October 1. Contact the Merritt Civic Centre to reserve your spot or for more information about these classes.

Healthy Back: A six-week program dealing with the do’s and don’t’s of back mechanics. Inner unit muscles, core/spinal stabilization work, SMR release techniques, proper lifting techniques. Hip lumbar/pelvic connection will be discussed.

Foam Roller: Learn how to reduce stress and adhesions (knots/trigger points) in your soft tissue network! Increase mobility in joint ranges of motion. This class will focus on restoring mobility in neck/shoulder complex, upper/lower back, hips, and lower extremities. You will work on posture, spinal stabilization, and a variety of stretch techniques.

Both classes are instructed by Jenny Grills. Please wear comfortable attire to stretch in, and bring a mat.

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